New Drivers Licence: EXPLAINER – No, A Re-Test is Not Required

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New Drivers Licence: EXPLAINER – No, A Re-Test is Not Required

Here is What You Need to Know

Staff Reporter

Government this week launched a new standard plastic driver’s licence disc that replaces the previous metal licences.

The new licence is scannable and compliant with international standards set by SADC, COMESA, and the East African Community.


They can be printed instantly; they have security features that make them difficult to forge.

They are scannable, allowing quick authenticity checks and identification of any legal issues.

They eliminate the need for temporary licences and clear the backlog of drivers without licences.

The licences use cutting-edge digital technologies, providing convenience for licence holders and law enforcement officials.

The licences have a validity of five years, ensuring updated credentials and enhancing document authenticity.

They consolidate the Defensive Driver’s Licence and the Professional Driver’s Permit information on a single card.

They create an updated electronic database of drivers, including professional drivers.

Is the new licence valid in other countries?

Yes, the new licence is valid in 25 countries within the SADC, COMESA, and EAC regions without conversion. This includes Zimbabwe. It eliminates the need for separate licences when driving in these countries.

Where can I obtain a new driver’s licence?

The new driver’s licence can be obtained through VID offices, and the collection can be made from your nearest Post Office. The acquisition process has been decentralized.

When does the new licence come into effect?

The new licence was launched on June 19, 2023, and is now in effect.

Will there be a re-test required after five years?

No, a re-test is not required. Once you have a licence, your photo and biometrics will be updated every five years. However, a vision test will be conducted during the renewal process.

Will the old metal licence discs be phased out?

While the metal discs remain valid for now, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development will announce the phase-out date in the future. The new plastic licences are being introduced as a replacement.

Do I need a separate licence for towing a trailer?

For holders of the old licences, there is no need for a separate licence to tow a trailer at the moment. The ministry is developing the capacity to accommodate this aspect in test yards, but it is not a requirement currently.

Is the new driver’s licence secure?

Yes, the new driver’s licence has numerous security features that enhance its credibility. It significantly deters counterfeiting and helps eliminate the presence of unlicensed drivers

What is a QR Code on the licence?

A QR Code is a machine-readable code that will be used to verify the credentials of a licence holder. It provides a quick way to access and authenticate the information on the licence.

How and where can I collect my new licence once it’s ready?

On the licence application, you must indicate your preferred Zimpost Agency near you for collection. Once the licence is ready for collection, you will receive a text message notification. Please ensure that you provide the correct mobile number on the application.