Nehanda film launched

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Entertainment, Local News | 0 comments

Staff Writer

The much awaited Mbuya Nehanda film was finally premiered on ZBC TV on independence day.
Titled The Story of Nehanda, the film was framed in a biographical storytelling way.

It chronicled the strife endured by the country`s most eminent spirit medium.
Zimbabweans who saw the film have rave reviews, saying such projects should be replicated to immortalise some of the country`s most critical stories.

The film features revered actors like Stuart Sakarombe, Michael Ketani Banda, and Ratidzo Eunice Tava who acts as Charwe.
Charwe is the spiritual vessel in which Nehanda gained historical notoriety.

Sydney Taivavashe, of Nelned studios, who is behind the movie Gonarezhou is the cinematographic talent handling the project.
Taivavashe co-wrote the project with Special Matarirano.

This is not the first time that Nehanda`s story has been told through creative means, in 2014, playwright Blessing Hungwe wrote a play titled Lovers in Time.

It was a humorous depiction of the traumatic events that led to the execution of Mbuya Nehanda by British settlers in 1896.