Nash Paints Plant Destroyed in Massive Fire …Company Loses Millions of Dollars 

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Nash Paints Plant Destroyed in Massive Fire
…Company Loses Millions of Dollars

Mako Jerera
Nash Paints Holdings suffered a loss of over US$1.3 million worth of raw materials and plant equipment destroyed during an inferno on Thursday morning.
Nash Paints chairman Tinashe Mutarisi confirmed the incident and said the fire took down a major part of the plant.
The incident occurred around 3 a.m.
He said investigations were in progress to determine the cause of the fire and the majority of losses were in raw materials and equipment.
“We lost over US$ 1.1 million in raw materials and a US$200k section of the US$3 million plant, which was commissioned in 2016.
“It’s a big loss but it could have been worse and this comes after we commissioned a US$1 million plant that was added last year,” said Mutarisi.
He said that their insurer THI was assessing the damage.
“The plant is insured with THI and they are making some progress in their assessments so that we get back on our feet.
“We have clients to serve and a duty to play in building this economy, so we can’t afford to count our losses for a long time.
“By Monday or Tuesday next week, we should be back to our winning ways
“We had no injuries apart from losing the raw materials. No one was on night duty, otherwise, it could have been bad,” said Mutarisi.
Nash Paints Chief Operations Officer, Angeline Kasaira has urged their clients not to panic.