Nakamba suspends youth tournament

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Sport | 0 comments


Hosia Mviringi

Footballer Marvellous Nakamba has suspended a youth tournament that was penciled to kick off in Bulawayo tomorrow.
Speaking after a meeting today with the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House, the Aston Villa link man revealed that it was in the best interests of public health considering a resurgent Covid-19 pandemic which has seen tightening of lockdown protocols in the country.

“I feel very happy to have met the President of the country.
Unfortunately with the situation now, it’s (the tournament) on hold, because of Covid-19. We want everyone to be safe. I think it will come up again, with plans going on very well also with the foundation.
It is a great thing for me to be helping the underprivileged and to support the youth and to give them motivation as much as possible to become anything you want in life,” said Nakamba in a statement.

The Marvellous Nakamba Foundation (MNF) was set up as a way to plough back into the society that raised and made him who he is today.

Marvellous Nakamba today exudes big confidence in the future of Zimbabwe that he comes in as an investor, ready to play a part in the development of the country.
He was accompanied by former Nottingham Forest footballer, Dexter Blackstock, who also expressed confidence in the investment climate in Zimbabwe.

“I feel fantastic to be here. This is a great country. I have been brought here by Ambassador Uebert Angel and I see some great opportunity to use my expertise, having some great help from His Excellency the President, and coming from the United Kingdom to aid and make some big change in the country,” said Dexter Blackstock.
Blackstock is in the country to prospect for investment opportunities in the Pharmaceutical industry.