Mugabe, Ncube out Kwekwe Central parly race

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Nevanji Nehoreka

ZANU PF aspiring Kwekwe Central National Assembly candidates Cde Energy Dhala Ncube and Cde Kandros Mugabe have been disqualified from contesting in the forthcoming primary elections.

This comes as the party is pursuing a strict disciplinary approach, and zero tolerance to violence.

The two have been barred from contesting under the ZANU PF ticket, sources within the Midlands Provincial Executive have confirmed.

The Kwekwe Central seat which fell vacant after the death of National Patriotic Front legislator Masango ‘Blackman’ Matambanadzo in July 2020, has seen fierce jostling between the youthful Dhala and the shadow MP Mugabe.

So fierce was the jostling that previously slated primary elections had to be shelved after hectic confrontations.

Kandros Mugabe, a miner-cum-cleric is also an Archbishop at Zvipo ZveMweya Apostolic Church was involved in an ugly fight with ‘Dhala’ Ncube, a nephew to recently fired State Security Minister Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube for the sole party candidature in anticipated by-elections for the Kwekwe Central parliamentary seat.

Sources within the Midlands Executive said the contests between the two candidates had become acrimonious, their presence in the same place spelt imminent trouble.

“Cde Kandros and Cde Dhala have been directly involved in bloody fueds since last year, one of these leaving provincial executives fleeing for their lives so the provincial executive saw it fit to disqualify both comrades from legislative service,” another source said.

Posting in Midlands political groups, Ncube confirmed his disqualification.

“It is sad that I have been disqualified and so has Kandros Mugabe.Reasons for the disqualification will be disclosed but let’s not lose focus. Let’s all remain resolute and support my father Cde JJ Mapurazi takatarisana ne 5 million votes dzaPresident. The president and Zanu PF needs our support,” wrote Ncube.

ZANU PF has adopted a principle of discipline, the party in recent days has not been hesitant to wield the axe on those who fail to heed the clarion call for peace being made by the party hierarchy.