MRP embassy storm is a terrorist act

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MRP embassy storm is a terrorist act

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

A flag is a symbol or emblem of a country or institution.
It is accorded the same respect that one accords the country and its respective institutions.

In many jurisdictions flag desecration is a criminal offence, carrying a minimum nine months to a maximum 10 years depending with countries.

Flag desecration is the violation of flag protocol, or various acts that intentionally destroy, damage, or mutilate a flag in public.
Now, the actions of a rebel secessionist group Mthwakazi Republic Party to storm the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa, lower the flag and replace it with the flag of their terrorist group (and I do not use term lightly) must never be condoned or at the very least be given airtime.

Online news outlet CiteZW reported, “There was drama Tuesday afternoon at the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa as the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) Youth League members removed the Zimbabwean national flag and replaced it with their party flag.”

The online news site signed off with its usual Asakhe which means ‘let us build.’
This is interesting in that, the actions by MRP are not at all in line with building.

There is no building when one shows a lack of respect for such national emblems as embassies, national flags, coat of arms and national anthem.

Zimbabwe is a unitary state as is outlined by our founding principles as a nation and spelt out all the time by our national leadership especially President Mnangagwa.
This means there is no Mthwakazi Republic to speak of.

There is no secessionist tendencies that should be tolerated.
The actions by MRP dissidents of storming the Embassy in SA itself was tantamount to an insurrection.
The embassy is a symbol of the nation, a Zimbabwe in South Africa. Its storming is a violation of territorial integrity and is protected under international law.
Had it been South African authorities who had stormed it, it would have been regarded as a declaration of war.
Not only did these rebels storm the embassy, they went on to lower the national flag without following any protocols and more so without permission and replaced it with their own flag.
This was no longer a protest but a hostile takeover. An insurrection and for all intent and purpose, a coup!
The actions of MRP are therefore treasonous and must not be smiled upon!
Picketing is a democratic right and had they picketed, we would not have even lifted an eyebrow.
But such excesses as attacked symbols of the nation are dangerous. Embassies are security areas and such a breach may have resulted in unintended consequences. They should be thanking God no loss of life happened.
Honestly, that should have been avoided.
Had it been that the embassy is well protected and has a marine battalion like the US Embassies around the world, terrible scenes would have been witnessed.
Why was MRP left doing what they did by the South African authorities who are supposed to be providing security and also the Zimbabwean authorities, I do not know?
This was not a protest but an insurrection and I urge the authorities to take the necessary action.
We cannot let not only our territorial integrity and flag desecration go unchallenged but the future of the nation is under threat from such actions.
A lack of a response only emboldens the fools and we will see more foolish acts.