More Senior MDC Members desert Chamisa for ZANU-PF

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Brian Rungano Temba

Seven former senior members of the MDC-Alliance have joined the exodus from the Nelson Chamisa led MDC-Alliance.

On Saturday before attending the 354th Ordinary Session for Politburo, First Secreatary of the ruling Party ZANU-PF Cde. President Emmerson Mnangagwa received the following former MDC-A senior members who cut their ties with the opposition party pledging to become members of the ruling party.

  • Emmanuel Chiroto – former Provincial Member and Secretary General for Mashonaland
  • Farai Nyandoro – former Secretary for Information and Publicity
  • Solomon Machingura – former Provincial Secretarty for Council Chairman
  • Peter Chandafira – former Mashonaland West Secretary for Local Government
  • Carlos Madzongo – former Mashonaland East Youth Treasurer
  • Simon Chidhakwa – Ex- Member of Parliament for Zengeza West
  • Charles Musimuke – former National Secretary General MDC-A Veterans Association

Speaking on behalf of the group two of the ex-MDC-A national members told Tateguru TV that they left MDC-Alliance because it lacks the ideology for patriotic people.

“We came here on our own involution because we follow an idea. If there ideology is not there then there is nothing to follow.
Hence we came here to join our brothers and sisters in rebuilding our country and to contribute to our economy,” said Chidhakwa.

“This is not to make the President look good or his vice President either, we are dong this for our children and our grand children.
We are not here for positions either but we will go where we are assigned to. From here on we shall work for the party and encourage our colleague whom we left in the MDC-Alliance to stop following the road that leads them nowhere.

So let it be clear that we are not against the MDC-Alliance, we have followed their slogan which calls for change ‘Chinja Maitiro’ and therefore we have changed,” he laughed.

The former National Secretary General for the MDC War Veterans Association Mr Musimuka said he has left the position he has held since 2011 to 2021 because of the splits within MDC and how the party leadership see Illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans as an opportunity for them to thrive at the expense of the nation’s economy.

“There are four main reasons why we as veterans have decided to leave the MDC, firstly it is the many splits in the party,the way they view sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, the way MDC views land redistribution in Zimbabwe and finally how MDC treats its activists the founders of MDC,” said Musimuka

He highlighted that from its inception in 1999, MDC has split five times. Musimuke added that the decision he made is based on his view on the trajectory of a party that has made so many splits in just 20 years.

Musimuke also said there is need for serious advocacy against the blasphemy of camouflaging sanctions as smart or targeted sanctions.

“When a lion is attacking a buffalo it goes for the jugular vein. The moment the lion hits targets the jugular the whole prey falls weak on its knees.

In our Zimbabwean context the West continues to brand these sanctions as ‘targeted sanctions’, but in reality they have targeted the presidium that they have no free movement, they have targeted key ministries such as the MInistry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ministry of Industry and Commerce and security.
This is the jugular vein of the country,” said Musimuke.
Musimuke who was a graduate History teacher for 10 years revisited the colonization and occupation of the land by the White settlers and how the process was termed with euphemism as Land Occupation. He them made a juxtaposition of ow when the natives of the land were referred to as invading the land when they were taking back what was originally theirs.

“Most of the founding leaders in MDC-Alliance are neglected. Some of them are destitute, lost their jobs or are struggling in the diaspora.
They are not supposed to be seen, although thy made the foundation for what MDC is today.

Compared to ZANU-PF which was born in the 1950s, MDC does not even remember of even take care of its founders,” said Musimuke.

President Mnangagwa during the meeting with the defected seven said that History will vindicate them, as having worked within ZANU-PF, leaving to join MDC and now leaving MDC to rejoin ZANU-PF. He said by having experienced both parties the seven will be more committed than those who have never left the party.

“Those in ZANU-PF who want to leave to join the opposition, you will come back very clear that to serve your country it is better to do so in the revolutionary party that brought about independence, liberation, dignity and respect to the people of this country.

ZANU-PF has no foreign strings, totally.
We are an indigenous political party. We depend on our selves and we are proud of ourselves as Zimbabweans. In Poverty or Prosperity we remain Zimbabweans.

History demonstrates that the majority of us in the leadership now were involved in the bitter armed struggle for the independence of this country. We are survivors of that armed struggle and we shall rest in our graves peacefully if we know that we leave this country in the hands of Zimbabweans who are committed to their country,” said President Mnangagwa.
The President said that the seven will be welcomed into the party by the Acting Political Commissar Cde Patrick Chinamasa and a visit to Chitepo School of Ideology will be organised for the seven.