‘More hits on the way’ – Chief Hwenje

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Mako Jerera

Chief Hwenje, he singer who gained notoriety through the song “ED Pfee”, during the 2018 election run, has returned with another scorcher of a record titled “Musangano Kumasero.”
The fast paced song extols ZANU PF`s mobilization might and warns its members against selling out.
The singer, real name Admire Sanyanga Sibanda talked to Tateguru Tv, sharing insights on his upcoming works.
Below are excerpts from the interview done by Mako Jerera (MJ) and Chief Hwenje (CH).

MJ- How do you come up with your songs?
CH- We come up with our music by observing what goes on in people’s life, we sing what we hear and what we see just like when it comes to Politics we sing development that is evident, under the Leadership of President ED Mnangagwa
MJ-How do you feel being back, performing at party events after a long Covid-19 induced break.
CH- Just like any other musician out there, we feel happy to perfom at party events after a long Covid-19 induced break.
As you know its our duty to our fans, through music and to preach at the same time, so it makes us happy to be back on stage meeting our lovely fans.

MJ-I understand that you are making new music and there is a new hit. What is the song about and its title?
CH- In politics so far our hit song is titled Musangano Kumasero where we remind ZANU PF leaders that Musangano vanhu (politics is the people)and Vanhu vanowanikwa ku Ground not kuma offices ( people are found on the ground not in offices)

When it comes to gospel our hit song is titled Testimony but our fans love to call it Nditakure ndiyende, we made it with Obert Chari and it has almost on reached 1 million views on YouTube
MJ-Can you explain to us your creative process?
CH-Born a musician, it’s in the blood and its God’s gift, sometimes we just need a bit then we sing without writing, it doesn’t need hours infract minutes for us to have a song , we can release more than 10 songs per day.
MJ-Which artists have your worked with or who you are willing to work with in the future?
CH- We worked with many artists the likes Mark Ngwazi , Kireni Zulu, BethanY Pasinawako, Mathias Mhere, Baba Harare, Baba Manyeruke, Senior Lecturer Nicolas Zacharia,Peter Moyo, Taruvinga Sugar Sugar Machokota, Hosia Chipanga, Sulumani Chimbetu, Allan Chimbetu, Norman Tapambwa, Romeo Gasa, Tatenda Pinjisi,Obert Chari,Sabhuku Vharazipi,Kapfupi, Prophet T Fredy, Jacob Moyana, Dr Tawanda, Slizer from Botswana.
We used to write music for some musicians the like Baba Harare and Pah Chihera
MJ-Since you started as a Gospel artist should we expect any Gospel songs in the future?
CH- We do Gospel everyday, our albums are half gospel pose when we release them. We are still singing gospel music even though we release more political songs now
MJ-Should we expect a second album like “Polloniaun 210” as a Christmas gift?
CH – Yes we are going to release our New Album anytime from now. It’s fire, it will be featuring Hosiah Chipanga, Mark Ngwazi and Kireni Zulu.