Mine Responsibly and Protect the Environment – President

by | May 11, 2023 | Latest, Local News | 0 comments


The government will not tolerate mining that is characterized by malpractices such as environmental degradation, mineral leakages and haphazard operations conducted outside the legal provisions of the country, President Mnangagwa has said.

Delivering his speech at the launch of the Responsible Mining Initiative in Harare on Thursday, President Mnangagwa said the initiative seeks to increase oversight over all mining operations, emphasising workers’ rights, community engagement, and health and safety matters.

“This Initiative represents an essential milestone in our journey towards a sustainable US$12 billion mining industry. Furthermore, the program is an indispensable undertaking in my Government’s quest to exercise good stewardship over the many natural and mineral resources that our beautiful country, Zimbabwe, has been blessed with, by Almighty God.

“The situation where the sector is characterised by malpractices such as environmental degradation, mineral leakages and haphazard operations conducted outside the legal provisions of our country, can never be condoned,” he said.

President Mnangagwa also said the government will soon be conducting a Responsible Mining Audit countrywide as a way of enhancing compliance.

The audit will cover the entire mining sector value chain, including both small-scale and large-scale mines.

“Audit Teams will conduct thorough investigations on activities within the various mining entities, with the objective of highlighting and proffering challenges recommendations towards the overall improvement of our mining sector,” he said.

The President urged stakeholders in the mining sector to embrace methods that minimise harm and maximise benefits for investors and the generality of the people of Zimbabwe.

“In line with this, assessments must include potential risks associated with each project, before commencement and also incorporate detailed plans for upon closure site of the mine reclamation by prioritising environmental matters, we are keen to protect our natural ecosystems and preserve natural resources for both present and future generations.

“Additionally, this Responsible Mining Initiative will emphasise workers’ rights, community engagement as well as health and safety matters.

“Aspects of addressing the unique priority needs of local communities remain important. Employees who are indeed the anchor of production and productivity within mining activities should be awarded fair wages,” he said.

Meanwhile, mining entities are challenged to adopt innovations in technology and the establishment of green mining practices.

“In the same vein, investments in research and development towards discovering new mineral processing methods that are environmentally friendly, which also minimise waste production and lower greenhouse gas emissions are also critical.

“As good corporate citizens, mining companies, just like other entities across the economy, should complement the Second Republic’s quest to realise development, modernisation and industrialisation that leaves no one and no place behind,”