Mine accused of gender discrimination on disciplinary matters

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Mine accused of gender discrimination on disciplinary matters

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Shamva Gold Mine has been accused of applying different measures in dealing with men and women facing charges of sexual misconduct.

This was heard at the Parliamentary Caucus on Women’s Affairs in the mining town earlier this week.

During proceedings, a woman complained that if a mine worker is caught having sex with a work mate’s wife he is evicted from the free mine house with free electricity and has to look for his own accommodation in Wadzanai, but the same is not being meted out on the woman who the individual would have been caught with.

Caucus officials promised to engage with Shamva Gold Mine Human Resources Department to get further details and resolve the matter.

Caucus officials had said while people believe that gender issues are intended to favour women, the term “gender” refers to both males and females and covers everyone, men, women, boys and girls and they should all be treated equally.

The visit was part of the 16 Days of Activism Against GBV which was extended from 25 December to International Women’s Day on 10 March in a bid to intensify the fight against gender based violence across the country.

During the meeting, various gender related issues were tackled including the issue of child marriages which they discouraged saying, “There is now a Child Marriages Act which outlaws the marriage of one below the age of 18 despite the blessings of any religious group or traditional customs. Anyone involved like those who attend the gathering, the mediator (sadombo), parents of the “bride” and the groom will be arrested because the girl child also has a right to go to school.”

Shamva residents also highlighted the dangers of child marriages especially in situations where the girl child gets pregnant at a young age.

“The birth canal of some minority aged girls was too small and giving birth was tearing open the sexual organ to become one hole with the one for defecating a condition medically known as fistula. In such cases, superstitious people would call it “Chivanhu” (witchcraft) causing divorce by the very culprit, the impregnating husband.”

The caucus urged women in Shamva to drop the outdated “Ndogarira vana vangu” mantra and report abusive husbands to the police, because accepting apologies and concealing such cases or withdrawing police cases normally results in deaths.

Members of the Caucus included Mhangura MP Hon Precious Chinhamo Masango, Murehwa MP, Hon Brightness Mangora, Bikita MP, Hon Anna Rungani, Hurungwe MP, Hon Goodluck Kwaramba and Senator Ndlovu of Bulawayo.