Mega black granite plant nears completion in Mutoko

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

Mashonaland East Correspondent

Richbasin, a black granite cutting and polishing company in Mutoko will start cutting and polishing black granite for export by year-end.

The company has established a cutting and polishing plant just five kilometers from Mutoko Centre along Nyadire Mission Road.

The plant is expected to create employment for locals, as it needs about 200 workers at full capacity.

Currently, 49 people from nearby villages are employed on the construction of the plant which started in January 2021.

Richbasin cutting and polishing plant will get its supply of raw black granite from its sister company, Undertaker Black Granite mining company in Nyamuzuwe area.

Richbasin are planning to build two cutting and polishing structures at the same site in Mutoko by the end of next year thereby employing about 750 people.

Ten big and ten small cutting machines are already on the site.
There are also five forklifts and five frontloaders at the plant.

The cutting and polishing of black granite is for value addition which in turn will enable Zimbabwe to export polished black granite slates for better prices.

Richbasin is moving into value chain beneficiation of locally found resources, which is consistent with the principles carried in National Development Strategy 1.