MDC-A trolls hound Kenyan blogger

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Staff Writer

Unruly members of the opposition, who think the world starts and ends with their nefarious political persuasions, are embarrassing themselves again in their attempt to arm-twist Kenyan blogger African Tigress into speaking ill against the country.

African Tigress, a travel blogger, has been debunking media propaganda against the country showing its beautiful side, to the chagrin of Zimbabwe`s internal enemies – opposition trolls.

They have camped in her mentions on Twitter, spewing vulgar and insulting her for ignoring their overtures to recruit her into their ill-fated decampaign agenda.

On occasions, the African Tigress has complained against those who were trying to incite her to lie against her own conscience and speak bad of Zimbabwe.

This shows how self-destructing the opposition philosophy is, they are allergic to any good news from Zimbabwe.

In August 2019, the same group made global comedian Steve Harvey delete his Tweets after a visit to Victoria Falls.

This was after he received poisonous vitriol from the same online demographic aligned to MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa.

Such behaviour has made calls for the Patriotic Act to become more profound, legislators are convinced that there should be repercussions for those who actively seek to dent the image of the country.