MDC-A parades Haruzivishe’s Family for political points

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

In typical Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-A) style, a delegation went to Masvingo on Saturday to take pictures with family members of Makomborero Haruzivshe in Bhuka area in efforts to garner sympathy online.

Nelson Chamisa the party leader who absconded Haruzivishe’s trial six days ago, was not amongst the delegation to Bhuka.

The delegation comprised of Charlton Hwende, Jacob Mafume and other party members.

The theatrical attempt to capture empathy through a glimpse Mako’s family predicament ended up exposing the reality of most anti-government activists.

The other side of the lives of these renegading activists is that they come from families that depend on the same government they rise against.

Bhuka is an area that is 20km out of Masvingo City and has an economy that strongly relies on the Mushandike Irrigations and selling fresh crop produce to the green markets in Masvingo.

The family is clearly a beneficiary of the numerous government programmes that are running in Mshandike and Bhuka area to get the people there to fully utilize the agro potential of that area.
Jacob Mafume posted on his personal account parading Haruzivishe’s grandfather saying he was in support of his grandchild’s actions.
“Mako’s grandather Benard Mhike is a retired teacher, our first councillor for Ward 13 Masvingo,” said Mafume.

Mafume went on to say Mhike told the delegation tales of how a bullet was sent to him and that the message of no surrender no retreat ran in the blood.
In the picture the old man holds his plate of mhandire and his facial expression is far from pleased with the visitors.

It would seem Mhike was enightened to the real reson for the visit.

It was almost like the MDC-A member funerals that Chamisa made a series of appearances at, to serve purely public relation purposes.

MDC-A said on their official Twetter account that the delegation updated Haruzivshe’s family on his welfare and legal pllan.

After the pity visit and some sight seeing in the family’s fields they drove off in their cars, leaving the Haruzivishe family exploited and still in Bhuka.
Lawyer and MDC-A supporter Tariro Senderayi commented on the posts saying they were not neccessary the report on the family visit was meant to be for Haruzivishe’s knowledge alone.

“Did we have to tweet this?
“Only Mako needs to know this,” said Senderayi
Another supporter replied that the damage had already been done.