MDC-A in spectacular vaccine climbdown

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Staff Writer

The MDC Alliance which has been casting aspersions on the ongoing national vaccine programme has changed its stance, choosing to add its voice to calls urging people to get inoculated.

In the past, MDC-A figures like Fadzayi Mahere were singing the tune of their Western puppeteers trying to pressure authorities to authorize vaccines like Johnson and Johnson as well as Astra Zeneca.

However, evidence has shown that the abovementioned vaccines have had more adverse effects to their recipients compared to the ones approved by Zimbabwe – Sinopharm, SinoVac, Sputnik V and Covaxin.

Recently, MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa encouraged his supporters to get vaccinated on Twitter, in what has been interpreted as a climbdown from the previous imperialistic position they had maintained.

Their change in stance is synonymous with the playground concept of “Muchekadzafa” where a person tries to put a touch on a ball that has already crossed the line.

Almost six months into the vaccination programme, opposition now wants to appear like they are acting in good faith.

The tweet by Chamisa read, “Mask up sanitize, practise social distancing and get vaccinated”.
Former Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume also tweeted, the same acting as if they have had an epiphany.
Secretary General of MDC-Alliance, Chalton Hwende supported the tweets.

He said, “Statistics show that COVID-19 infections and deaths are on the rise. To slow down the pandemic Zimbabweans need to make deliberate efforts to get vaccinated. I took the decision to get vaccinated I order to protect myself and those around me. Covid-19 is real. Get vaccinated.”

The change of mind and messaging from the MDC-A absolves Government`s decision to stick with Chinese vaccines when it was less fashionable to do so.

A sign that sometimes people oppose for the sake of opposing, without facts.