Mavetera to use PAPU influence to steer e-commerce in Zimbabwe to greater heights 

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Mavetera to use PAPU influence to steer e-commerce in Zimbabwe to greater heights


Brian Rungano Temba


Minister of ICT and Postal Courier Services, Hon Tatenda Mavetera has pledged to make ZIMPOST the centre of e-Commerce.


She said this in a Twitter post while attending Pan African Parliament session.


“As the current Chairperson of the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) & Min of ICTPCS, I have a keen interest & huge zeal on the development of the postal sector around the globe. My emphasis is on ensuring that ZIMPOST and its ancillary services become the centre of e-Commerce through Digitization.


This requires great collaboration and coordination with other countries as goods move from country-to-country,” read part of the tweet.


She emphasised on the need to utilise the existing technology to bring ease of business and consumer services to communities in remote and rural areas.


“It is imperative to note that the Postal Sector is not, contrary to misconception, dormant, but undergoing robust transformation through new, exciting, even disruptive technologies and innovations facilitated by the magic of digitization.


“We should, therefore, thrive on enhancing e-Commerce, Digital Financial Services, and overall Digital Technology.

This will surely promote efficiency and traceability of Postal & Courier Services as we move towards our desired Digital Economy & and the achievement of Vision 2030.


“I am therefore, through my Ministry, excited and geared to unlock untapped opportunities presented by a digital postal system for the betterment of Industry, Commerce, Consumers and especially our underserved rural areas,” further reads the tweet.