Matopo High School dormitory gutted down by fire

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Matopo High School dormitory gutted down by fire


Staff Reporter


52 Matopo High School form 1 students escaped death by a whisker, after an inferno razed down a form 1 dormitory destroying their goods and belongings.


The inferno reportedly started at 2 am last night, luckily one student was awake and managed to alert the other learners of the fire, thus all 52 learners in the form 1 boys dormitory managed to escape unscathed by the fire.


“Luckily no child was harmed. All 52 of them are safe and we had to alert parents and we sent all 52 of them home. The building is a fairly new building which had modern facilities and was one of the best we have at the school.


Unfortunately, the building had a wooden ceiling so the whole roof caught fire and fell on the ground, burning everything. The fire left no stone unturned in its trail of destruction even trunks were burnt there is nothing to salvage. Our learners will be back on Monday since they are writing exams, we have made provisions for them. It’s sad but we are grateful there was no loss of life,” said Matopo High School headmaster, Gardson Sibanda.


The fire which burnt the US$200 000 worth building is suspected to have been sparked by an electrical fault, although investigations are still underway. All 52 learners are recuperating at home and are expected to be back by