Masvingo football community pleads for Tagwirei`s rescue

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Masvingo football community pleads for Tagwirei`s rescue

Brian Rungano Temba

The football community in Masvingo is crying out to fuel and business mogul, Kuda Tagwirei to come and rescue the football loving community.

Masvingo which was once a football power house during the days of businessman, Tanda Tavaruva (Mhunga) who was the chief sponsor of Masvingo United now wallows is the shadow of its former self.

In its golden days, Masvingo produced veteran footballers such as Ovidy Karuru, Tafadzwa Dube and Godfrey Dondo.

Masvingo was demoted to division one football and lost their chief sponsor, Tavaruva who passed away last year.

Ambers of excellence still burn as currently Masvingo United is doing very well in division one football, where it is currently number three on the log and trailing the log leaders with only three points.

However, the club does not have a sponsor and is being supported by community members through donations of fuel, and food during matches.

It is now a case of begging every week.

Members of Masvingo football community have however placed their hope on Kuda Tagwirei whom they believe can make Masvingo United Great again.

“That man can also do the same with Una Una, just like the Emirates did to Manchester City, and just as Ibramovich did to Chelsea,” said Una Una super supporter and Masving prominent comedian Denis (Vamayaya) Rusoso.

Another voice spoke on the importance of saving the dying sanctified tradition of men meeting during weekends and enjoying a good cheer at a football match.


“The story of Masvingo United is a story of a community which was united through football, despite all the political, religious and social differences, the people of Masvingo would always come together and fill up Mucheke stadium every Sunday in support of a local team which brought everyone together,” said Masvingo youth leader, Charles Munganasa who is also a member of Masvingo United Supporters union.

He pointed out that football need to be seen as an avenue without a ceiling, where one’s talent can shoot to the stars through.

Having a well-funded and supported home team in the Premier league would do wonder to the young talent being nurtured in High Schools like Pamushana, Dewure, Gutu High and Chibi Mission who are not new faces to National level Coca Cola and Chigoyi tournaments.

The same schools that gave Zimbabwe the likes of Gabriel Nyoni, Valentine Kadonzvo, Tafadzwa Mahori, amongst a few.

Munganasa also went further to call for assistance from Kuda Tagwirei and Sakunda saying; “I know Mr Tagwirei is committed to empowering communities and it would be good if Sakunda comes in to assist Masvingo united.

I think the return of Masvingo United into the Premier Soccer League would mean a lot to our community. Apart from entertainment, football brings employment to thousands of people directly and indirectly, it is also a major boost to our local GDP. Tourism, food and transport industry thrive in football communities.”

Kuda Tagwirei through his company Sakunda has shown some interest in football development in the country by sponsoring two of our football giants, Dynamos and Highlanders who will be clashing in the Independence Uhuru Cup on April 18.