Massive salary hike for ZESA employees

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Business, Local News | 0 comments

Massive salary hike for ZESA employees

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

ZESA Holdings has awarded its workers US$358 in allowances and a 70% salary increment with effect from this month.

In a circular to all ZESA employees dated June 13, 2022, ZESA Executive Chairman, Dr Sydney Gata revealed that the “interim salary adjustment” will not prejudice ongoing collective bargaining.

There salary adjustment and increase is composed of a 70% adjustment on basic salary from June 2022, USD 150 Covid Allowance up to December 2022 payable at the prevailing Interbank rate, USD88 Transport Allowance payable at the prevailing Interbank rate and USD120 Canteen Allowance payable at the prevailing Interbank rate.

“The above changes will be incorporated into the June 2022 payroll. Kindly note that this interim salary adjustment is on a without prejudice basis to the ongoing 2022 Industry Collective Bargaining Negotiations,” said Dr Gata.

Added Gata, “The adjustment is therefore being implemented as a stop-gap measure to cushion employees in view of the increased cost of living.”

Dr Gata also said,
“Therefore, any outcome of the negotiations shall take into account the increases made so far for the year 2022. Management undertakes to continuously engage with employees in the spirit of improving their welfare and enhancing productivity.”

Lately, there has been a loud outcry from workers across many sectors, both in private and public entities, including civil servants, for salary adjustments to cushion them against rising inflation which has seen buying power of salaries eroded.