Masarira, husband trade insults as divorce proceedings kick off

by | May 12, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

LEAD president and political activist Linda Masarira has filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Gilbert Kaingidza after reports of physical abuse.

Masarira reported Kaingidza to the police for attempted murder to which he went on the run; skipping the border into South Africa leaving behind his passport behind in their matrimonial home.

Masarira who recently filed for divorce at the high court, had no kind words for her estranged husband.
“Kaingidza is a fugitive on the run and I do not know if he is going to respond to the papers. I have surrendered all the communications with Kaingidza pertaining the divorce to my lawyer,” said Masarira.
Masarira said she doubts if Kaingidza will come out of hiding anytime soon because he has a pending case of attempted murder at Avondale Police Station.

Kaingidza is reported to have made tweets demanding Masarira to hand send his passport.
“I have no need for his passport, in fact he should explain how he got across the border first before accusing me of withholding his passport. He had left it in the headboard compartment in our bedroom,” Masarira said.

Masarira said Kaingidza left the country in a rush trying escape an ambush that police had planned for him.
“Before Kaingidza ran away we were no longer staying together, he had moved out and was staying with his brother.
He then asked to meet me, yet I was fearful for my life because he has relentlessly tried to hurt me physically. I told him to come and meet me in a public space where the police would be there,” Masarira added.

Police details went undercover to apprehend Kaingidza who upon arrival realised he was about to be arrested and escaped.
“Kaingidza is a violent person and he has another pending case of assault which he committed in Mt Darwin where he attacked his brother who had just come out of a surgical operation,” said Masarira.

News of their divorce surfaced through social media after letters of their divorce proceedings went viral.
Linda Masarira says she is amazed at how the divorce papers leaked from the courts.

Masarira says Kaingidza led her on with the charade that he was a truck driver, ignorant towards politics, yet he had strong links to Job Sikhala, former G40 members who had plotted to undermine her and precipitate her demise from within her bedroom.

“Kaingidza was a shady and oddly well-connected character, I once reported him for domestic violence but I was surprised by how he would always get his bail paid even when he told me he had no relatives in Harare.I am convinced that he was put in my path to act as a destruction in my political career,” said Masarira.

A close associate and civic rights activist Abigale Mupambi said she respects Masarira’s stance as a mother.
“Issues of the heart are difficult for anyone outside of the affair to comment on. Masarira is an adult and she is within her rights to have a lead role in deciding on her private issues.
“Wherever I can, I give a shoulder of support, I can only advice and console, and in this case Masarira plays the leading role,” said Mupambi.

Kaingidza responded with a statement on Facebook responding to Masarira’s divorce papers that were now awash on social media.

In an exclusive interview with Tateguru TV Kaingidza said he gives his consents to the divorce and said that he wishes Masarira well.

He said that he only knew of the divorce summons on social media and thereby responding in kind.
“Linda coerced me into the union and I thought it was going to be progressive. Linda was my small house, I had a wife and family in South Africa.

“Linda knew that I was married and we were cheating when we started dating,” said Kaingidza.
Kaingidza however admitted to assaulting Masarira.
“I did assault Linda after finding condoms in the house and I got arrested. I admitted to guilt in court and I paid my bail. I regret ever laying my hands on her, however I would never do it in clear mind,” said Kaingidza.

“I never thought this day would come, I really loved her. I used to protect Linda so much and I feel betrayed by her pulling me in the mud like this.Linda also took care of me when I was broke. She used to buy clothes for me, she met my parents.
The real reason why we are now separated is because Linda did not want me to go back to work in South Africa where my first family is,” said Kaingidza.

Kaingidza said he is now driving intercity freightliners in South Africa and is now settling in with his wife and children.