Makhalima bitten by the asylum seeker bug

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Makhalima bitten by the asylum seeker bug

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Musician Sani Makhalima is desperately seeking to extend his stay in Australia through provoking the ruling party ZANU PF.

Makhalima has been writing anti-Government sentiments, something one would expect from an opposition activist.

Makhalima`s strategy is not new, it has been implemented by many pseudo-activists including one Sylvanos Mudzvova, who in the past dispensation used to shout opposite parliament and call those one man protests.

What Makhalima is doing did not start today, it has been a long game of inflammatory online posts and in some cases musical releases.

In 2019, the singer who all his life had done love songs released a song titled Vatiregerera.

In the song, he accused the country’s leadership for failing the young generation.

Over time he stopped being subtle and has been chanting opposition slogans.

“It’s not about politics, it’s love for change and a better Zimbabwe. I’m for change in Zimbabwe and I join those saying ‘ngaapinde hake mukomana’ (let the young man take over),” Makhalima told online publication ZimLive.

His tweets have excited opposition apologists like MDC-Alliance Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere and Hopewell Chin’ono, who both have been arrested before for spreading lies about the country and agitating the Government.

It is not surprising that Makhalima is throwing brickbats towards Government.

He could be doing G40`s bidding, he was part of the 75 percent local content policy which was initiated by the Professor Jonathan Moyo back in the early 2000s.

Makhalima was among the urban groovers who benefitted from the programme and may feel obliged to do G40`s dirty work.

Makhalima cannot wake up and speak ill of ZANU PF today, as if he never benefited from the party.

In past election campaigns, he joined the Born Free crew and made jingles for the ruling party.

One of the most popular songs he is on include the song Get Connected, which became popular on ZBC-TV.

Makhalima since travelling to Australia has been looking for a response from authorities to aid his visa application to lengthen his stay.

Makhalima was among the pioneers of urban grooves music at the turn of the millennium under the stewardship of his elder brother Delani Makhalima.

The singer has failed to scale to greater heights in music, remaining perennially mediocre in terms of achievement.

He is never afraid of lending his voice to politics whenever the going gets tough.

When his studios were shut down in Harare in 2013 over rental arrears, Makhalima turned to singing praise songs for former President Mugabe.

Very few singers have confronted the ruling party and walked away with useful careers.

Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo spent over 15 years in self-exile in Oregon, US after his disrespect of the ruling party.

He was lying that he is being persecuted.

When he recently returned to do shows in Zimbabwe, he had to be rescued with a place to stay and a return ticket, after his shows had flopped.

It is unfortunate that Makhalima has decided to walk down the same path.

There are better ways to secure residencies in foreign lands, denigrating one`s country may not be one of the best methods.