Makandiwa in major vaccine climbdown

by | Jul 25, 2021 | COVID 19 | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa who has been the biggest sceptic of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, has backtracked on claims that there is a sinister plot against humanity in the rollout.

Many of his followers had been adamant that they are not getting jabs basing on his utterances.

In a televised session today, Makandiwa urged people to get vaccinated, saying the anticipated return to normalcy is only achievable when the pandemic is no longer a threat.

“We do trust that our government has done its job very well.
Go ahead and consult your doctor and if he says you are okay to receive the vaccine you have to receive it knowing it has nothing to do with you committing a sin.
It is not the Mark of the Beast, this is not the Anti-Christ.
There is not Chip.
There is no Mark in the vaccine,” said Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa has admitted that men of cloth have tried to use the pandemic to remain relevant and be on the forefront of the discussion.

He asked his congregants to follow the scientific reasoning behind the vaccine.

“Lets go by science, and science shoul never be seen being violated in the processs, lets not overlook important factors in trying to save humanity. Lets go by the book,” added Prophet Makandiwa.

He made the allusion of how dangerous exposure to the COVID-19 virus is in a class of 20 children to which he also juxtaposed to the numbers that attend summons at church.

“If a teacher has 20 students in a class, if they believe that he can endanger all those students in that class how many do you have in churches? The same rule is going to apply,” he added.

In an earlier televangelism broadcasts, Makandiwa had bashed the vaccines accusing them of being responsible for the poverty Africa is in.

Makandiwa’s damascene moment comes a few days after MDC-Alliance leaders like Carlton Hwende have retracted their sceptic theories on the vaccination programme.

Zimbabwe is on course to attain herd immunity.

Ziimbabwe on the day of Makandiwa’s ‘appolojersey’ statement has vaccinated 1 438 890 people against COVID-19 and recorded 97 277 active cases, 64 628 recoveries and 3 050 deaths.