Major changes loom at VID, CVR

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Local News | 0 comments


Hosia Mviringi

Government has committed to fighting corruption which has contaminated the transport sector in Zimbabwe, especially the fraudulent issuance of vehicle registration plates and drivers` licenses.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Felix Mhona told Tateguru Tv that there will be a change of personnel at Central Vehicle Registry and Vehicle Inspectorate Department.

VID has faced public criticism in the past for alleged fraudulent issuance of Drivers’ licenses, a scourge that is directly linked to a rising number of preventable accidents on the roads.

“We have begun the process of changing leadership and Management at Central Vehicle Registry and the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) respectively as part of my Ministry’s concerted efforts to sanitize these two critical departments which had become notorious for inefficiency and underhand dealings,” said Minister Mhona.

VID and CVR have remained stubbornly corrupt, as simple processes have been complicated to fleece desperate citizens of their hard earned money.

The latest government intervention will see a deep cleansing that will extend to the Driver Training and Testing Centres under the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID).

Minister Mhona said after personnel change, there is going to be modernization to reduce inefficiencies.

He said his Ministry had partnered the University of Zimbabwe to locally produce the registration plates at affordable prices.

“The University of Zimbabwe, in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development has initiated local production of the same securitised registration plates at affordable prices,” he said.

Minister Mhona said they have enough consumables for the production of plates which will clear the obtaining backlog.

“The Ministry has procured sufficient stocks of consumables enough to clear the backlog and motorists can now register and collect registration plates from ZIMPOST in their respective Provinces. We are now at a stage of dealing directly with the corruption that had characterised issuance of these and other registration materials such as books and licence discs”.

Minister Mhona defended the cost of motor vehicle registration plates which ranks among the highest in the region saying that Zimbabwe has the most secure number plates in the region which can not be forged.

He said that although there is scope for marginal reduction of prices, current prices were justified in view of the sophisticated production process.

“I am pleased to announce that Zimbabwe has the best and most secure vehicle registration plates in the region as compared to some of the countries mentioned. Unlike in other countries in the region ,who’s number plates can be easily cloned, and be found on up to five vehicles, our registration plates cannot be copied and reproduced because of the intricately embedded security features,” he said.

The Minister blamed the delays in production and issuance of registration plates and drivers’ licences on the near obsolete production equipment at CVR.

“CVR is incapacitated because they use very old, antiquated and obsolete donated equipment which is now very slow and prone to frequent breakdowns. The equipment was donated to the department in the 1980s with conditions that all consumables and accessories have to be procured from that donor country,” said Minister Mhona.

“It can thus be appreciated that with the effects of sanctions and occasional shortage of foreign currency biting, the processes can only be slow and cumbersome much to the frustration of the motoring public. This has obvious tipple effects of encouraging rent-seeking behaviour which manifest as corruption within the department,” said Minister Mhona.

The CVR and VID precincts countrywide have become havens for criminal activities by touts and other criminal elements who take advantage if desperate motorists and learner drivers.

These elements charge exorbitant ‘facilitation fees’ to desperate motorists in order to be served on the few available slots.

Zimbabwe ranks among the most safe countries in the region in terms of vehicle theft incidences, mostly due to the secure vehicle registration and licensing system which is detergent to criminal