Mahere plays Dumb again

by | May 27, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

Fadzayi Mahere is walking proof that being a lawyer is not equal to having overarching wisdom in all spheres.
Her recent utterances, though unsurprising, show that there is no infallible intellectual in the world, the only difference is that some falter where it matters the most.

Yesterday, at a press conference, Mahere who is the MDC-Alliance spokesperson said;
“Government has failed to give adequate support to farmers in the face of recent above normal rains.”

This is despite the fact that right now authorities are grappling with storage facilities as the country has had one of the biggest bumper harvests in history.

‘Disappointing’ is the best word for describing how she is doing as the new spokesperson for the MDC-Alliance.
However for avoidance of doubt, below are a few facts regarding the last agricultural season.

Ministry of Lands, Agriculture & Rural Resettlement and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development have been working hand in hand to secure the positive impact the above normal rains Zimbabwe received for the 2020-2021 agriculture season.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, through National Treasury ensured farmers received Presidential Agricultural Inputs accompanied by Pfumvudza Inputs as early as September available for collection at all Grain Marketing Depots around the country.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture & Rural Resettlement, Mr John Basera said in one of his tweets from early May 2021,
“The Flagship Presidential Pfumvudza Program contributed 1 066 755 which is 40 percent of 2020/21 total maize production: Average yield 5.28MT/Ha,” said Dr Bhasera.

The 2020/2021 Presidential Pfumvudza was designed to assist the small scale farmer to attain enough yield for sustenance with extra for selling to earn some money. In the same spirit Government has designed the Agricultural Mechanization and Financial Support for both large scale and small scale farmer.

There is the Zimbabwe-Belarus bilateral Mechanisation Program that saw a delivery of 474 tractors, 210 seed drills, 39 combines, five trucks with semitrailers delivered to Harare in April 2021, under Phase 1 of the project. These were supported by the revamp of the then Agribank loaning facility which has been changed into AFC Holdings. Farmers were encouraged to utilize the AFC Holding’s; AFC Commercial Bank, AFC Loaning Company, AFC Insurance and AFC Land and Development Bank.

Surely Mahere would know this if she knew how to read a newspaper, but this dangerous level of ignorance is intended to lead their usual audience astray from the true facts on the ground.

Zimbabwe is bigger than a court of law and Mahere is getting a rude awakening.