Magnitsky Act sanctions: Impetus for joining BRICS

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Magnitsky Act sanctions: Impetus for joining BRICS

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


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There is absolutely nothing to celebrate about the removal of the Executive Orders which enacted OFAC and AGOA sanctions on Zimbabwe as those two acts were just a by-the-way and red herrings. The new Magnitsky Act sanctions have simply replaced the former Eos and therefore the sum is zero.


The reason why I say so is that the new replacement Act known as Magnitsky is equally ruthless and the real sanctions on Zimbabwe have always been under ZIDERA.


A description of the Magnitsky Act on Wikipedia says; “Global Magnitsky Act of 2016 within the NDAA 2017 authorizes the U.S. government to sanction those foreign government officials worldwide who are human rights offenders, freeze their assets, and ban them from entering the U.S”


Commenting on the new Act, prominent Harare lawyer and lecturer, Advocate Tinomudaishe Chinyoka said, “Imagine your neighbor was hitting you using five sjamboks for no reason. This means one sjambok has been retired, but its power and pain-causing properties are distributed to the remainder so that they will be even more painful. The withdrawal is so that you think we are becoming friends, and perhaps offer something they want in the hope that they stop. They won’t”


President Ed Mnangagwa, speaking during the National ICT Policy in Somabhula yesterday said, “Nothing short of total removal of sanctions would please us… They say they are removing some of the sanctions and keeping some… We say absolute NONSENSE…”


Sadly, the USA has so successfully marketed its pro-people sanctions mantra angle that our people including most pro-government bloggers believe that sanctions have been lifted or that they were only on our leaders. A lot of our people aren’t even aware of the sanctions on Zimbabwe and think we have targeted sanctions that came into being in 2003 when in fact they were in 2001 and under ZIDERA.


It is time to cross over to BRICS in full.


The new set of sanctions are set to benefit American companies and this is how; American registered or owned companies are looting our natural resources as we speak and not paying their true value due to their government sanctioning Zimbabwe. While money cannot be moved easily from America to Zimbabwe and vice-versa, they siphon Zimbabwean minerals to SA unprocessed and declare them as South African.


This denies Zimbabwe the needed funds as well as the records of stable business operations. Companies like Rio Tinto and all the other Anglo-American companies have been operating like this for a very long time now. We get robbed times over and get denied credibility, which any investor needs to assess to put their money on the ground. This is bad politics and business at its best.


Sadly, that has massive consequences for the nation and denies Zimbabwe its future endeavors in various ways. It may be best to be radical in such situations and deny Americans of the resources that they are looting. Why are sanctions one way when they don’t serve our interests?


This is why Western African countries; are kicking them out and welcoming countries that have their interests aligned with theirs. I don’t see that happening in Zimbabwe because of the leadership mentality. There is nothing wrong with re-engagement with the West, but it’s pointless to cry about the consequences that follow.


As far as I am concerned, the only downside to going with BRICS is opposing the West which makes no difference in our case because we are already under sanctions for years. One must consider the merits of being part of an upcoming power like BRICS.

We need to change the mentality that sees the West as a Messiah and assume it’s the only place where we can thrive. Continuing with our docility in the face of their war on us is rank NONSENSE!