Local Restaurant To Host Dance Competition

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Local Restaurant To Host Dance Competition

Staff Reporter

Fast food restaurant, Mambo’s Chicken has launched initiatives to support local talent as a way of giving back to the community.

The initiatives, which include Mambo’s Dance Competition, provide a platform for dancers to showcase their skills.

In addition, the company has established the Mambo’s Foundation to contribute to community projects.

Mambo’s Chicken Restaurant yesterday celebrated their sixth “anniversary” under the theme, “The Scale Up”.

Addressing a press conference, Mambo’s Chicken accounts executive, Isheunesu Tsiga said, “Our journey from a single outlet at Corner Park Street and Kwame Nkrumah to a household name in Zimbabwe is a testament to our commitment to quality, our dedication to customer satisfaction and our relentless pursuit for excellence”.

As a way of sowing back to the community “the Kings” have embarked on a number of projects such as the “Mambo’s Dance Competition and the “Mambo’s Giving Back initiative.

The Mambo’s dance competition is a talent showcase where dancers compete for supremacy.

“This started off around April last year and we are yet to expand and make this an annual event for dancers,” Tsiga said.

Mambo’s has also launched its initiative to honour and appreciate customers via the Mambo’s Foundation contributing significantly to local community projects and charities.

Encouraging the community and stakeholders at large Tendai Zisengwe the business development manager said, “Participate in our Community Give-Back Day on 20 February, where a portion of all sales will be donated to local food banks.”

“As we look into the future Mambo’s Chicken remains committed to innovation and community. We are not just a restaurant! We are a movement towards greater, more meaningful culinary experiences.”

With the community at large Mambo’s has also made waves on social media with a following of over 50 000 followers on Facebook page where they serve trendy, catchy and controversial statements