Let’s safeguard that which they died for : President Mnangagwa

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Hosia Mviringi

On the occasion of Zimbabwe’s 41st Heroes Day Commemorations, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has urged the nation to rally together and do all that is possible to protect the natural wealth and all that the Heroes fought for.

Speaking at the National Heroes Acre today, the President emphasised the need to remain steadfast as a generation and to stand up and be counted as a new breed of economic Heroes.

“As we do so, we accept the responsibility of stewardship over the rich national wealth that they bequeathed to us. As a nation, we remain forever emboldened and inspired by the devotion and patriotism of these selfless and patriotic men and women, to build an inclusive, equitable and prosperous society as encapsulated in our Vision 2030,” said the President.

The President called upon the nation to collectively summon our common traits of hard work, resilience, innovation, honestly and fighting spirit towards the ultimate realisation of the dream of a developed modern and prosperous Zimbabwe.
He pledged the country’s resolve to continue to entrench these values towards sustained upholding of justice, fairness and equity, which were the rallying points during the protracted war of liberation.

“In this regard, it is incumbent on us who remain to be torchbearers, and emerge as new heroes and heroines guided by the ethos of our forebears who laid the firm foundation for our country’s development, freedom and independence”.

In an endeavor to foster inclusive national economic growth, the President highlighted the Second Republic’s commitment through the Devolution concept which has so far seen government disbursing up to ZWL$22 billion to Provinces and Local Authorities towards various developmental projects.
Such flagship projects as the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program Phase 2 are visible throughout the country’s Provinces as testimony to the commitment.

He also spoke about government’s drive towards attainment of gender equity through such policies as Women Parliamentary Quota as enshrined in the Constitution.

“ The war of our independence was fought by both men and women. Policies and programs are underway to accelerate gender equity, equality and empowerment of women across all sectors. Women remain our everyday heroines,” continued the President.

The President took time to specifically recognise and salute Zimbabwe’s emerging economic heroes in the Diaspora who continue to identify with the nation and to contribute invaluable remittances without which the c country’s balance of payment position would continue to be under pressure.

President Mnangagwa assured the nation that as the nation seeks to entrench the engagement and re-engagement program, it will remain a resolute sovereign nation that will not pander to the whims of erstwhile foreign powers and colonisers.

“As we engage and re-engage, let no one think they can impose their perspective or lecture us. The outside world should therefore embrace who we are, our rich history and unique national realities. This is how we honour the heroes we celebrate today”.