Knives out for Chamisa`s water boy

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Nelson Chamisa`s runner and MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Secretary General Gift Ostallos Siziba is facing expulsion from his party.

A runner in Zimbabwean street lingo is a minion who performs errands which the assigning party cannot be seen engaging in.

Ostallos, whose status has been rising in the party as a result of his role in Chamisa`s personal life, has caused MDC-Alliance supporters to question the competence of politically flaccid Obey Sithole as Youth Assembly Chairperson.

This has seen some behind the scenes bickering, which have culminated in senior party members assembly to move a motion to expel Ostallos.

MDC-Alliance resident academic, Pedzisayi Ruhanya took to Twitter to lay his cards bare in the ongoing political fight which threatens to split the already weak institution into smaller pieces.

In a tirade on Twitter, Ruhanya made an allegation that confirms what political analysts have been saying all along.

“A whole group of useless senior MDC Alliance leaders sit down to discuss rubbish and destabilisation nonsense and feel threatened by this young man to THE extent that they demand he be expelled. I am sorry @nelsonchamisa , u are surrounded by huge idiots, useless empty wannabes,” Ruhanya wrote on his Twitter.

Follow up tweets from Ruhanya insinuated that Charlton Hwende, the MDC-Alliance Secretary General is part of the plot to oust the former University of Zimbabwe student leader, Ostallos.

Other pro-opposition journalists like Nehanda Radio publishers Lance Guma, have been writing cryptic tweets in support of Ostallos, as factionalism reaches fever pitch.

The man who is set to benefit from Ostallos` fall, Obey Sithole, who heads the MDC-A Youth Assembly insulted Ruhanya accusing him of fomenting confusion.

“The last time I checked @PedzisaiRuhanya wasn’t a member of any of MDC Alliance’s organs. Wondering why he appears to be much informed about issues in the party more than those in the party. It’s totally wrong to undermine existing party organs & cause chaos for selfish intents,” Sithole said.

In a follow up Tweet, he said Ruhanya pretends to love the party.

Barely a year passes without an implosion within the MDC-Alliance and its multiple tributaries, a sign that the institution is standing on political quicksand.

Neither party leader Nelson Chamisa or spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere have pronounced themselves on the raging factional confrontation which has spilt onto the public domain.