Khaki envelop politics behind attack on Sinopharm

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Hosia Mviringi

When Covid-19 was first discovered in Wuhan China in August 2019, it was a ruthless virus, it did not respect borders.
Rapidly spreading, it was soon to become an international crisis, more succinctly a global pandemic.
It was a challenge that respected no international competition.
But today, two years after it reared its ugly head, Covid-19 has become one of the most divisive crises ever to engulf the world, reminiscent of the cold war era.
Covid-19 has divided nations of the world, in the same way that the arms race almost triggered the third world war.
The road to finding a vaccine for Covid-19 has been a bumpy one, characterised by never-ending conspiracies, the vilification of competing for national scientific competencies.
Big pharmaceutical (BigPharma) industries worldwide have sprung onto the political scene to represent their governments’ geopolitical interests.
Since some have sought to make maximum profit out of the vaccine trade industry, some have sought to use the vaccine as a political weapon against such countries as would not agree with them politically.
Big and powerful nations have tried to weaponised the Covid-19 vaccine, from manufacturing processes to its distribution.
Specific types, with specific properties, would be manufactured, targeting certain geographical populations, with specific intended outcomes.
Britain, the United States, India, Russia, and many other global powers were entangled in the race to find a vaccine for Covid-19.
Doing so would mean that the country with the most suitable solution, would gain geopolitical and economic control of the post-pandemic world.
Already, cheaper versions were being touted and promoted for poorer nations through such facilities as Covax, mostly in Africa, whose efficacy would be intentionally very low, to match the price.
African billionaires had been recruited already to mobilise African support for the facility which was being touted as a saviour to a “poor” continent.
Take it or leave it.
In the absence of viable competition, Western producing nations, as led by the US and Britain, had sought to arm-twist African nations through the Covax facility which they had given such prominence and importance only similar to the free oxygen that we breathe.
They told Africans, with a straight face, that there would be no life outside the Covax facility which was to be driven by such organisations as GAVI.
I am convinced that we now appreciate the history of vaccines in Africa and their varying intended outcomes.
Not all vaccines are intended for the well-being of the African child. A topic for another day.
Some even opined, justifiably so, that some vaccines would be made, specifically for certain nationals, whose people are targeted for population reduction.
Populations that are classified as useless eaters had to be eliminated, either through vaccine manipulation or deprivation.
These factors, real or imagined, contributed to the politicisation of the Covid19 vaccines.
It became a national security issue in most countries, especially in the developing world, where governments have limited capacity to make their own drugs, and with citizens unable to afford premium medical products.
Most countries were caught between a rock and a hard place. Premium vaccines would be too expensive for their budgets, while cheaper vaccines would expose their citizens to substandard or even counterfeit vaccines.
Donations would not be safe too as these would be subject to the whims of donating countries.
One of the most difficult thing for recipient countries was and continues to be their inability to effectively test the vaccines for efficacy and safety.
So it became a matter of goodwill on the donating countries and organisation.

Politics behind Covid19 vaccines.

The manufacturing and distribution of vaccines have become a control tool by powerful producing nations, who at some stage had already benchmarked who would survive the scourge. They had made themselves arbiters of life and death.

United Nations agencies were victims of manipulation in this war.
The World Health Organisation was thrust in the thick of things to investigate and blackmail China as the originator of the virus, as a way to discredit any remedies or vaccines coming out of the Republic.

These are the same tactics employed by the West when they sought to incriminate Iraq for possessing weapons of mass destruction.
They used the Muhamed Mustafa ElBaradei led UN agency International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to produce adverse reports which would later be used to justify an invasion of the Islamic Republic.
Having failed in this endeavour, the West, led by the US fell back to the fourth estate of State, the Media.
The media enterprise was recruited and enlisted with the role to lead an assault on the vaccines coming out of China, despite them being of competitive efficacy and safety.
China produces, among others, the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines.
These are trailblazing vaccines that take the cup in any fair competition worldwide.
A brigade of mainstream media and social media activists have been recruited and deployed to attack and discredit anything that comes out of China.
Behind a new cold war. While many activists blackmail and disparage anything Chinese, most of them never come out in the open with facts about the vaccines.
The media conglomeration, which derives its mandate from such so-called leading news houses as CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, are all captured vessels for international brainwash.
They all subscribe to the same ethos as demanded by the political economy of the newsrooms.
In Zimbabwe, such paid activist as Hopewell Chin’ono fought tooth and nail to have Sinopharm muddied, discredited and replaced by others such as AstraZeneca or Pfizer because these were owned and driven by their paymaster.
Admittedly, it is the khaki envelop that has destroyed journalism in Zimbabwe.
Journalists are openly defying scientific evidence only to please their paymaster.
Politics have invaded newsrooms.
When Zimbabwe chose to go with the Chinese Sinopharm and Sinovac Covid19 vaccines, many factors were considered which include safety, efficacy and politics of the producing country.
This of course created enemies for the Southern African country.
Zimbabwe became a trailblazer in the vaccination program in Africa and a testimony to the world on the safety and reliability of the Chinese vaccines.
Sinopharm vaccine has an efficacy rate of 76 percent and after a third trial in the United Arab Emirates it’s efficacy was found to be even higher at 86 percent.
The vaccine rides on the tried and tested traditional killed virus technology, which is arguably the safest for human use, as compared to the mRNA which has genome altering properties.
Poliomyelitis, Rabbies and many other child killer diseases were eliminated in Africa using this technology.
To date, more than 170 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine have been administered worldwide with limited to negligible side effects and unsurprisingly it is fast becoming the vaccine of choice for many countries globally.
Vilification of Sinopharm in Zimbabwe is not surprising. Zimbabwe had been earmarked among those countries to be subjected to vaccine sanctions by the West.
The country was meant to be punished either through a drip-feeding of the vaccines or through a systematic release of non-effective or toxic vaccines.
Misinformation by the media was calculated to cause alarm and despondency and create artificial animosity against the government vaccination program rollout.
Conspiracies were thrown around by activists who don’t even know basic chemistry.
The West is clutching on straws to discredit anything Chinese.
Zimbabwe has become a silent victim of a trade war between China and the US, which the US has been losing dismally.
The Chinese model of non-interference has seen it gaining trust amongst Asian, South American, Midle-East African and some key Western allies such as Turkey and Egypt.
Trials in these regions have shown acceptable effectiveness.
The race for global dominance has extended to vaccines. Only recently a key US State Department official admitted to influencing Brazil to drop the Russian SputnikV, despite its proven efficacy and safety.
Western vaccines, especially the AstraZeneca and Pfizer, have struggled worldwide, with several countries in Europe and Americas calling for a halt to its use because they cause blood clots.
World Health Organisation, despite, despite having been deployed by the US to find incriminating evidence against China and its vaccines, there has been no evidence to date to condemn their vaccines.
Sinopharm and Sinovac remain the safest and most effective vaccines on the market and Chinese credibility is soaring to the skies.