Is the devil dining with our traditional leaders?

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Staff Reporter

A Chief is duty bound to be a custodian of wisdom.

They are expected to be the compass that guides their community along the lines of what is expected to be best behaviour.

This is why their roles sometimes come with material benefits and privileges, they are a vital cog in the structure of society.

However, because they are human every now and then, we are reminded of this reality.

The most recent reminder of how Chiefs can sometimes fail to reason, is on Chief Murinye.

At a funeral in his area recently, Chief Murinye got excited at the sight of a microphone and decided to go on a hallucinatory tirade.

The Chief abused a platform he was given at the funeral of late Public Services Commission, Head of Pay and Benefits Elson Gonye, a top patriot.

Instead of extoling the virtues of the departed, Chief Murinye decided to launch an anti-Government attack.

In Zimbabwe, there is only one political leader known to be shameless enough to use funerals for his political agenda – Nelson Chamisa.

It was not surprising that the chief was echoing something Chamisa would say, being consistently anti-Zimbabwe affects people`s faculties.

The similarities in the methods of execution and intended response from the audience appeared very calculated.

What is more curious is the manner that opposition people have cheered the Chief on after his diatribe; could there be more to this matter?


How should he have spoken then?

As a chief who presides over customary court he should have known better and addressed all his corruption queries with the District Development Coordinator, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and relative ministries.


In fact pictures have been flying around on social media of Chief Murinye and his family with the President, showing that he like many other chiefs have access to the President’s office.

Chief Murinye could have used many other channels of communication to get the President’s attention, but was it President Mnangagwa’s attention he was aiming for?

Who was present at the funeral?


Being the funeral of a Government official it is expected that members of the JOC and district to Provincial government officials would be in attendance.

Such a gathering is a pregnant with news for the media.

However, this still does not explain where Chief Murinye got the confidence to insight a coup and voter apathy.

It reminds me of another Chief who was busy playing postman in London a few weeks ago. Who is it that is buying the members of the chief’s council to act like this?

Clearly Chief Murinye has fallen into the same pocket as Chief Ndiweni and if history repeats itself, he is likely to face a coup himself from chieftency.

When one goes through all the layers of information you can see that this is a build up to 2023 and the target is for the wolf to come in Chief’s clothing.

Numerous attempts at discrediting the Second Republic have been made by the enemy of progress by attacking the Justice System through lawyers and judges, Health Service System through nurses and doctors, Education System through teachers and workers union.

Their latest attempt is through the chiefs. Well it is not really surprising since there is an old history of intense NGO activity in the rural areas.

Chief Murinye is clearly not a politician, otherwise he would not been so reckless.

How do you justify being cheered on by the opposition and the likes of Killer Zivhu and Temba Mliswa then claim to be doing the Lord’s work as a ZANU PF member?

At this point his apology will not be required.

Talking tough about not being apologetic is all we needed to know who is paying the piper.

Chief Murinye is now under probe by Chief’s Council and Ministry of Local Governance.

Commenting on Murinye’s remarks during the Annual Chiefs’ Conference held in Harare on Friday and presided over by President Mnangagwa, Vice president Constantino Chiwenga reminded chiefs to follow protocol if they have any issues to raise with the Government.

The question at the end of the day is, is the devil dining with our Chiefs?