Is Tanya Muzinda`s Twitter being manipulated?

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Local News | 0 comments


Pretty Manyewe

Tanyaradzwa Adel Muzinda is a successful Zimbabwean motorcross rider based in America.

In all respects, she is a sensation having broke out on the scene under the age of 10.

She made headlines after becoming the first female to win a motocross championship in Zimbabwe.

That she is a top sportsperson, is beyond debate.

However, one would be forgiven for assuming that her Twitter page is being used for sinister political agenda by whoever is administering it.

There is a strong chance 32 000 of her followers are being subjected to thoughts that do not emanate from the 17 year old`s brain.

Users online have started begun raising suspicion on the tone of her Tweets.

Under ‘her’ recent Tweet, which read; “ “Our systems have failed us by producing Politicians who have zero knowledge of Leadership.They think of the next elections,staying in power,makes promises and have funny programs thrust to the people towards elections. Leaders think of the next generation have vision and purpose!” people were asking who is behind this Pedzisayi Ruhanya-like dross.

One user with the handle @bellie_thatBOI had a question;

“When will Tanya Muzinda`s dad let her use her Twitter account?”

Another using the handle @Itskarizma shared the suspicion.

“Unfollowed because it didn`t feel like I was reading Tanya`s tweets, but more power to them still!”

While being awake to current affairs has no age limit, it does not check out that a teenage sportsperson tweets about politics more than they tweet about their core work, or any other endearments that gratify people her age.

Questions should be asked, so that people are not taken for a ride.

What if the father or any other adult close to her is using the account to promote their own political ambition?

Muzinda made it to the 2021 BBC top 100 women of 2021.

This is a big deal, in all respects, but her account has not given the achievement any due attention.

Instead, it has been tweeting like Hopewell Chin`ono`s burner account.

The person using Muzinda`s Twitter to further a political agenda should simply open their own accounts and participate on the playground of ideas without a veil.

Another of her ‘tweet’ said; “Fighting corruption by the youths is not about life and death it is more than that. For demanding better wages, access to health care and decent jobs, youths are branded western puppets. They are told not to get in politics and stay in their lanes riddled with poverty, misery and pain.”

This is not to say youths should not engage in politics or share their political views, but the pace with which Muzinda is rolling out political content is a point of suspicion.

Also the perspective with which she is arguing, does not carry the aspirations of a 17-year-old.

The give away Tweet was when she said; “The wages of social injustice & corruption is Sanctions. One cannot benefit from grand corruption and the same time denounce & condemn sanctions. If you want to know the father, you have to know the son, if you compare the two you can see they are related. Be a fan of better days!!”

Does this sound like a 17 year old girl?

The sentiment is growing that Tanya is being led astray by whoever is in charge of her Twitter.

Another user said; “This account should be of PROMOTING The name Tanya Muzinda as a Sports Young Lady who has made a national impact and changed the girl child story. If Zim was not a diplomatic contry she wouldn’t had this opportunity of flying high.”

Politics is a sure way of getting engagement on our polarized Twitter streets, however there is a danger of dividing people in the process.

Perhaps this is the path Muzinda has decided to ride on, it is a free world after all.

Others like Henry Olonga tried these antics and their ending was there for all to see, it is a matter of choice.