Injiva behind behind rising robbery cases

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Crime & Courts | 0 comments


Hosia Mviringi

Evidence gathered so far point to a correlation between the escalating cases of armed robberies to Zimbabwe’s own economic expatriates to South Africa commonly known as Injiva.

Zimbabweans have for a long time been known as peaceful and law-abiding citizens who would not ordinarily shed innocent blood in pursuit of riches.

The current spate of armed robberies is thus alien to the Zimbabwean culture.

A random survey of reported armed robbery cases carried out by this publication shows that the violent traits are an imported phenomenon to the Zimbabwean society.

A record of equipment recovered at robbery scenes, tactics used, and identity of captured or killed robbers points to an imported culture.

Recently, or precisely on August 9, 2021, Police in Bulawayo engaged in a shootout with a gang of armed robbers in Luveve which resulted in the death of a Police officer identified as Constable Gibson Tafara Madzimure (35) who was reacting to a robbery.

On the same night, police engaged and killed a suspected robber who was part of a gang of Zimbabweans based in South Africa who had terrorised residents in and around Bulawayo.

On the fateful night the robbers had been trailing a foreign currency dealer with the intention to rob them.

Police reacted to a tip-off and laid ambush resulting in a shootout.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police continues to up its game in the fight to rid the country of this menace of armed robberies.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has intensified the war on armed robbers in the country. There is no going back to the Police’s efforts in getting rid of all armed robbery syndicates and ensure that the law takes it’s course,” said the police in a statement.

Citizens are urged to report all suspected armed robbery indicates to the nearest police station. It is only through the police-public cooperation that the country can defeat these syndicates.

On August 8, 2021, a gang of six robbers who had travelled all the way from South Africa were arrested in Four Winds, Bulawayo following an armed robbery along Franklin Drive in the suburb.

These are just but a few examples of reported cases which directly or indirectly implicates the personalities and gangs based in South Africa.