Police Decry Upsurge In Crimes of Passion

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Mako Jerera

Murder cases related to domestic violence and infidelity continue to be on an upward trajectory and police are concerned.
This comes after increasing reports of people being killed over domestic disputes and cheating reported in the past month.

Recently a woman died after being struck with an axe by her husband, who accused her of having an extra-marital affair.
Barely days after another woman was found dead in a shallow grave after being allegedly assaulted by her husband.
In another case, a man was stabbed to death by a group of suspects.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Nyathi Paul Nyathi said the increasing reports are worrying and urged the public to value the sanctity of human life and seek peaceful ways of resolving their differences.

Couples have also been urged to seek counselling from local police stations, traditional leaders, or church elders.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned with the number of murder cases being recorded throughout the country weekly.

ost of these cases are mainly attributed to domestic violence arising from accusations of infidelity on the part of couples.

“In one of the murder cases, Nyarai Masauso (41) died on 28′ May 2023 whilst admitted at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals after being struck with an axe several times on the thighs and stomach by her husband only identified as Muridzi, after a dispute on 26′ May 2023 at Watyoka Mine, Watakai, Concession.

“The suspect had accused the victim of having an extramarital affair. The suspect is on the run,” he said.

In another case which occurred on May 27 2023, Sikhangezile Tshuma (39) was found dead with bruises all over the body and a deep cut on the forehead, in a shallow grave which was covered with a cloth, in a bushy area near Gulalikabili Line, Tsholotsho.
“The victim was allegedly last seen arguing with her husband, Darlington Sibanda (36) at Patalika Business Centre on May 26 2023. Darlington Sibanda had accused the victim of having an extramarital affair.

“On May 28, 2023, at Flem Flora Farm, New Parliament, Mt Hampden, Harare, Alexandra Gezi (52) struck his wife, Rita Rore (42) with a hoe on the head several times after accusing her of infidelity. The victim was found dead with deep cuts on the head after her daughter had alerted neighbours of the attack,” he said.

Meanwhile, police in Fort Rixon police are investigating a case of murder which occurred on May 27, 2023 at a shop at 99 Village, 5 Kombo.

The suspects identified as, Bethod Mthembu, Nkosi Mpofu, Arnold Sibanda and a male juvenile (17) took turns to assault the victim, Readman Ndlovu (46) with open hands before Bethod Mthembu stabbed the victim with Columbian knife on the chest. The victim died on the spot.

In Gweru, police have arrested Darlington Tshuma (29) in connection with cases of murder and attempted murder which occurred on 27th May 2023 in a bushy area near Matambo Business Centre, Matobo.

The suspect and Moses Moyo (31) stabbed Jefta Mkwananzi (22) with a Colombian knife on the right thigh before stabbing Fana Ntini (19) with the blade in the stomach. Fana Ntini died on the spot whilst Jefta Mkwananzi sustained a cut on the thigh and was admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police implores the public to value the sanctity of human life and resolve differences amicably without resorting to violence.

“We urge couples to seek counselling from local Police Stations, traditional leaders and church elders to find peaceful ways of resolving differences.”