IMC to Install 10 Solarized Boreholes in Bikita District

by | May 16, 2024 | Business, Health, International, Local News | 0 comments

IMC to Install 10 Solarized Boreholes in Bikita District


Mako Jerera


The International Medical Corps (IMC) is set to install 10 solarized boreholes in Bikita district. Additionally, the organization plans to rehabilitate 45 boreholes and drill 4 new ones.


This initiative aims to provide clean and potable water to rural communities.


The project is being funded by USAID, and will run from May to December 2024 and will benefit 12 wards in the district. The Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project includes training and capacitating village pump minders and water point committees, as well as training Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) on hygiene promotion.


IMC, in partnership with the District Water and Sanitation Sub-Committee (DWSSC), is currently conducting community sensitization meetings to inform residents about the new water and sanitation project.


Last year, IMC installed 6 solarized boreholes and rehabilitated 12 bush pumps in the district.