Ideology not pageantry will win 2023

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Ideology not pageantry will win 2023

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Zanu PF is a political powerhouse, a certain individual acquainted to this writer called it a political system.

It is among the best in Africa and is unlikely to ever be removed from power by political upstarts such as CCC. Nelson Chamisa knows it and he goes to elections for the donor funds only.

There are a number of political indicators to show and prove the significance, popularity, relevance, potential and chances of a political party in Zimbabwe.

The most common indicator is attendance at political rallies. ZANU PF and CCC have held huge rallies across the country with both making huge impacts.

The only difference is, ZANU PF rallies have not depended on the availability of the party leader.

ZANU PF has held several rallies addressed by the Presidium and others by local leadership where it has drawn commendable crowds. CCC crowds have only come when the party president was available. Therein already starts the difference.


So rallies, while are a way judge of measuring face value popularity, they do not always necessarily translate into electoral victories.

There is no way 700 000 registered voters of a province can have their views expressed or represented by stadium full group of 5 000 people.

Only a politically foolish person would believe that he has won an election based on rally attendance. Something Chamisa realised after the 2018 elections.

The one most effective mobilisation tool in Zimbabwean politics are grassroots structures that ensure an officially registered affiliation of voters to a specific political party. Normally a political party with well-established grassroots structures emerges victorious in elections, which is something ZANU PF has.

Grassroots structures connect the party to the people. ZANU PF has structures from the cell or village level to the national level.

CCC does not have these structures. What it has is Chamisa and then people who want positions if and when they finally hold their elective congress.

They are operating in a vacuum, without a constitution or constitutionally elected leadership.

The third indicator is agenda setting, or articulation of ideology and vision. This is totally different from sloganeering and regalia branding. Agenda setting targets the mind of the voter, and pacesets what is a typical issue on the political field. Donald Trump chose far right nationalism where he tuned the entire world to talk about reviving American Greatness, portraying China and Immigrants as key enemies that caused the decline in American Greatness.

Not even the mainstream media could stop him, controversial as his agenda was.

ZANU PF President and all leadership have focused on local powered development and chant: Nyika inovakwa neven vayo and NYika inotongwa nevene vayo. In response to this, CCC have nothing to offer except empty slogans and rhetoric talk about getting money from America via phone calls. So wrapped up in his warped thinking is he that he tells the gullible in his party that he will bring back whites in five days. Had the young man understood something, he would have known that we fought to free Zimbabwe from Western shackles represented by ‘varungu’ that he wants to bring back.

CCC is not selling anything worth purchasing. I am really yet to see or buy what they are selling. What makes this writer skeptical is the way they somewhat fail to handle internal disputes at party level.

I am always wondering how they would manage at national level. Trevor Ncube failed to see them as an alternative and merely called them the other MDC of which that is all they are.

A lot of people known to this writer will always Vote ZANU PF because they cannot vote for someone who thinks ‘varungu’ should come and fix our country for us.

They argue we are the ones who live in this country so why do we need foreigners to fix it for us.

Zimbabweans do have the capacity to fix their nation. One person posited: “Ngatirimei tega, lets mine tega, lets fix our roads tega etc. we will make it eventually”

To show how distrusted the message of foreigners is, one social media influencer posted, “Trust me on foreign interference I have never stammered.

I don’t want Zambia to tell us what to do. Zimbabwean people know what they need to do.

I don’t think foreign nations are better builders of Zimbabwe than Zimbabweans.

I also regret our relationship with China but did we have a choice? I don’t believe we necessarily have to adopt everything done by other countries because it might not be practical to our society.

I think the things I want are wanted by most people.Don’t make assumptions on my political affiliations. I have none”

People choose to ignore on the good ZANU PF did in the last 42 years. Because of ZANU PF policies on education, Zimbabwean can be employed anywhere in the world. Zimbabweans may complain of poverty and indeed people are lacking certain necessities but supermarkets are always full of shoppers and always restocking.

Who is buying? Regardless of sanctions Zimbabwe has now produced many Zimbabwean entrepreneurs since 1980 and many millionaire young people. Agreed we have problems but CCC is just Chamisa and nothing else. It can never be an alternative to ZANU PF.


Chamisa’s idea of a new Zimbabwe is to bring back foreign investors to take over industries and businesses. For example in retail we have seen new local entrepreneurs grow their businesses as they took the opportunity when foreign investors moved out. With Chamisa’s vision these local entrepreneurs will be replaced by the big brands, the H&Ms and other foreign retail companies.

Chamisa’s vision shows he still has an oppressed mind that assumes only white people can build Zimbabwe. It means all the Zimbabweans that have built businesses and contributed to the rebuilding of our country will be sidelined to accommodate foreigners.


We cannot ignore the visible growth of local Zimbabweans who are working hard running their small/medium enterprises and big businesses and this would not have happened if Zimbabweans had not stepped up when we were put under sanctions. It therefore gives impetus to ZANU PF and ZImbabwe’s President ED Mnangagwa saying ‘Nyika inovakwa neVene vayo’


He deserves another term. A good part of his term was badly affected by COVID 19 so it was not practical for him to show what he is really made of.

Even under the difficult circumstances he worked and is working flat out to better the lives of Zimbabweans. I am seeing a ray of hope.

The reason why Zanu PF keeps winning elections is its supporters know exactly what their leader has done and what they expect of him. They know what they want and know where to direct it. Zanu ine kamwe kakurongeka kari ku lacker ku CCC. Their supporters understand party ideology.

Zimbabweans are not getting arried away by the fanfare drama of political rallies in raising your hopes for an alternative government to ZANU PF.

The machinery needed to achieve this goes far beyond gallivanting across the country making wonderful eloquent speeches at rallies.

ZANU PF does not lose elections to beautiful speeches!