Hwange Unit 8 Reaches Full Capacity …Produces 355MW During Performance Experiments

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Business, Local News | 0 comments

Yvonne Mutambwa

The current power shortages will soon be a thing of the past as the second 300 MW generator is switched on, ramping up national power output to an average of  1,788 MW

Hwange’s Unit 8 which is going through a series of performance experiments achieved its maiden full capacity of 355MW on Wednesday.

This was revealed by the contractor Power-China through their microblogging site.

“The output of Hwange Unit 8 first achieved its full capacity of 355MW on 13 June, and then Unit 8 will subsequently carry out a series of performance experiments,” reads part of the communique.

Testing of the coal-fired unit began on June 9, just days after tests were completed on Unit 7 which is now operating at full throttle.

Meanwhile, the total amount of electricity produced by the Hwange Power Station has reached a record-high 740MW.

The operationalization of Units 7 and 8 – expected to add a cumulative 600MW by mid-year – will naturally ease the current power crisis.

Zimbabwe was generating 1,717 MW of power on Wednesday from the hydro power station at Kariba (907 MW) and Hwange (810 MW), while independent power producers weighed in with 287 MW for a total of 1,788 MW.

The country’s electricity demand is 1,820 MW.

In December, the government announced incentives to help accelerate 1,000MW solar projects worth US$1 billion planned by independent power producers