Hostile forces reactivate trade unions

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Hostile forces reactivate trade unions

Pretty Manyewe

The ongoing teacher strike is betraying a third hand, which may not necessarily be educators seeking better lives but a deeper regime change plot.

Last week saw teachers go on a strike, in which they were demanding better salaries.

However, it was later to be seen that welfare was not among the priorities of the teaching workforce, as they refused to accept an enhanced salary offer which had a foreign currency component.

This led to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education suspending teachers who had been not been reporting for duty prejudicing learners who are already behind on schedule.

The Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) reacted to the suspension, in a classic case of mourning more than the bereaved.

The statement made is in response to the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education’s recent statement which advised the nation on the suspension of all Teachers that were absent from duty since the official opening of schools this Month.

“The plight of the teachers is the plight of every member of the Civil Service. It is no secret that the ordinary cost of living has gone up significantly and the costs are now in United States Dollars. Accordingly, the attitude taken by Government in response to such genuine concerns is, in our view, representative of the attitude it views the plight of all public employees.

Instead of instituting dialogue, the Ministry acted in a manner that is not only insensitive to the teachers but in any event unlawful as the suspension has no basis in law,” wrote ZINA.

ZINA’s statement was followed by the Peter Mutasa affiliated Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union The Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU).

They said they are in solidarity with teachers.

This is despite them not being employed by the Public Services Commission, one wonders where they are getting the locus standi to engage Government who is not their employer on a labour issue.

Could there be a hostile force behind these workers unions? Is it truly a labour issue?