Harare to push property owners to renovate buildings

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Pretty Manyewe

The office of the Provincial Development Coordinator for Harare, Mr Tafadzwa Muguti has endorsed the decision by the City of Harare to issue and enforce abatement orders.

City of Harare, whose World Class Vision is nearing its deadline have lamented the reluctance by property owners to maintain standards demanded by by-laws.

Muguti has intervened, releasing a statement which communicated their support to ensure Harare upholds the characteristics expected of a capital city in a growing economy.

“The Provincial Development Coordinator supports the City of Harare’s drive to achieve a world class city status by by 2025. All property owners are therefore required to immediately renovate their properties, maintain the frontage of their properties, have fully functional clean toilets for their employees, tenants and customers, whilst ensuring that their buildings are accessible by people living with disabilities,” said Muguti.

Mr Muguti said City of Harare will be issuing abatement orders to all property owners who have neglected their buildings, leaving them to become eyesores.

An abartment order is a legal document telling someone that they must stop doing something that is causing a problem for other people:
“This program will also be decentralized to all local authorities in Harare. Those in defiance of abatement orders risk having their buildings closed down until the required standards have been met. A world class city status starts with all of us doing our part to maintain a clean, organized, modernized and beautiful city,” said Muguti.

The PDC has been handholding the MDC Alliance led council in Harare, having to rescue them from their own ineptitude which has seen Harare residents make peace with the fact that they may never drink tap water.