Harare seeks to know its worth

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Local News | 0 comments

Harare seeks to know its worth

Pretty Manyewe

The City of Harare has engaged realtors to undertake a valuation process of all properties in the city.

The two companies, GMP Real Estate and Global World Properties are expected to come up with the full value of properties in the capital.

This is in accordance with the Urban Councils Act, which requires cities to periodically undertake such processes.

According to the statement released by the City of Harare to property owners, officers from the two companies are already moving around.

“The valuation officers and their assistants from GMP Real Estate and Global World Properties shall require access to enter and inspect every between 0800hrs and 1600hrs any day except Sunday and public holidays,” said the statement.

Property owners are being requested to grant the officers access to their properties.



“You are hereby requested to grant the officers permission to inspect, measure, take photos and answer questions that the officers may ask pertaining or the property as provided for in section 239 and 240 of the Urban Councils Act,” said the City Council.

The City Council warned property owners to exercise caution on who they let inside their properties and ask for proof of identity first.

“To protect your property from unauthorized entry, please request in addition to this letter some identity cards from the valuers. The identity cards must have the photograph and identity number of the person requesting as well as City of Harare and GMP Real Estate/ Global World Properties logo,” the local authority said.

Confirmation numbers in the event of a visit are:

Mr Chikandamina – 0773394435

Mr Gwadu – 0772281523

Mr Jacobe – 0777513584 or

Valuation officers on 0242753009 ext 2126/2255.