Harare drainage woes continue

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• Motorists, pedestrians bear the brunt of poor planning by city fathers

Yvonne Mutambwa

In what has become an annual occurrence, Harare Central Business District is flooding again.

Motorists and pedestrians are finding it hard to navigate the city`s busy downtown area, which turns into knee-length streams every time it rains.

The City of Harare is however failing to maintain the drainage systems in the CBD, despite knowing well in advances that it is rainy season.

Water drains are clogged with garbage dumped by litterbugs and the council employees who sweep rubbish down the drain.

The flooding is now causing traffic congestion and total disorder in the CBD.

Motorists who spoke to Tateguru TV are crying foul as their vehicles are getting damaged.

“My car recently plunged into a stormwater drain that was concealed by heavily flowing water as I was parking along George Silundika Avenue.

My bumper and a fog light were damaged in the process. What I did not understand though, is the fact that water was not going into the stormwater drain but flowing over it,” said Tinashe Mundawarara a motorist.

Others said they had to deal with mechanical headaches after water got into vital components.

City of Harare is however slow in attending to the blocked drains and they continue seeking a scapegoat.

Acting City of Harare spokesperson Innocent Ruwende said littering which has become rampant in the city has made their efforts to clear drains harder.

“We are currently in the process of clearing drains in the CBD. There are five teams that are going around the CBD unblocking drains.

Robert Mugabe and Cameron, Cameron and Albion have been cleared,” said Ruwende.

Questions have been asked of the city`s seriousness, as drainage problems emerge every year and they give the same responses.

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