Harare City Council under lenses as President sets up Commission of Inquiry

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Harare City Council under lenses as President sets up Commission of Inquiry


Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


In a move aimed at addressing concerns over local governance in the capital city, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has established a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the operations of the Harare City Council since 2017.


Announced through Proclamation 2 of 2024, the commission will be chaired by retired Justice Maphios Cheda and will have the Permanent Secretary for Local Government and Public Works as its Secretary. The inquiry is set to last for a period of six months, with a possible three-month extension.


The terms of reference for the commission are wide-ranging, covering various aspects of the city’s administration. These include an investigation into the financial management systems and audit compliance, the management of revenue generated through special vehicle companies and other outsourced arrangements, and the failure to operate an Enterprise Resource Planning system for the council.


Additionally, the commission will probe the procedures for the management, sale, lease, or transfer of the local authority’s properties to private entities, as well as the convening of council meetings and adherence to standing orders and rules.


Compliance with procurement laws, including the disposal of assets and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, will also be under scrutiny.


The commission has been empowered to summon witnesses, record proceedings, and consider all relevant information to arrive at appropriate findings and recommendations to the President.


President Mnangagwa emphasized the importance of this inquiry, stating that it is “for public welfare” and aims to address concerns over local governance in the capital city.


The findings and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry are eagerly awaited, as the people of Harare and the nation as a whole hope for improved transparency, accountability, and effective management of the city’s affairs.