Government Warns Against Subversive Activities, Reaffirms Commitment to Law and Order

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Government Warns Against Subversive Activities, Reaffirms Commitment to Law and Order


Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


HARARE, – Acting Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Honourable Dr. J. Muswere, has issued a stern warning to individuals and groups engaged in subversive activities aimed at destabilizing the nation. In a press statement released today, Dr. Muswere condemned attempts to instigate anarchy and despondency, specifically pointing to “some criminal and opportunistic elements in the opposition; some politicians and some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).”


“This is in line with their well-documented modus operandi to seek attention and raise funding to try to resurrect their political careers through subverting the will of the people,” Dr. Muswere stated. He further warned that “the Government reaffirms its commitment to protecting the nation and the citizens by ensuring that law and order prevails.”


Dr. Muswere emphasized that law enforcement agencies will not hesitate to apprehend those who undermine the justice delivery system through causing chaos and mayhem. He assured the public that the security forces have adequate capacity to maintain law and order in terms of the constitutional mandate.


The statement comes amidst growing concerns about political tensions and unrest in the country. Opposition groups have been vocal in their criticism of the government, accusing it of corruption and human rights abuses. The government has maintained that it is committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens.


Dr. Muswere’s statement serves as a clear message that the government will not tolerate any attempts to undermine its authority or disrupt the peace and stability of the nation. It remains to be seen how the opposition will respond to this latest warning.