Government to implement Smart Health Programme.

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Yvonne Mutambwa


The need for deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the delivery of health services has been heightened by the COVID 19 pandemic.


Speaking at the 40th post Cabinet briefing in Harare yesterday, Minister Mutsvangwa noted that Zimbabwe had embarked on a initiative to ensure that all health facilities are connected countrywide .

“Smart health initiatives such as telemedicine have proved to be very effective in overcoming barriers to health care and ensuring timely provision of services,” said Minister Monica Mutsvangwa.


A pilot telemedicine system is also being rolled out at a cost of US$357 632 in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union.


“The pilot project entails the use of ICTs to facilitate the provision of clinical health care using real time two way communication between physicians and patients at remote rural centres,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.


The Smart health programme will see improvements in health service delivery and efficiencies, health surveillance, health system and records management, health education and clinical decision-making and support for behavioural changes rel ed to public health priorities and disease management.


The programme will have several benefits such as offering treatment to patients in the comfort of their homes, confidentiality f medical information, reduction of travelling co s to health facilities, reduced referrals, consultant n fees and mortality rates.


The Smart Health programme will be able to be opened to similar international health systems.

Scoping and development work on the program has already started and should be completed during the National Development Strategy phase 1 program which runs up to 2025.