Government to drill 35 000 boreholes by 2025

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Pretty Manyewe

Government has set a target to drill 35 000 boreholes across the country by end of 2025, with 5000 expected to be completed this year under the Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme.

A top official in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement, Honourable Davis Marapira told the House of Assembly earlier this week that Government has a clear plan on ensuring water supplies to all corners of the country.
He was responding to a question asking for Government policy in decentralizing the Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme.

“Government policy when it comes to Presidential borehole drilling, we are going to drill boreholes in every village in the country and we have already started. We are going to have 35 000 boreholes throughout the country by 2025,” said Hon Marapira.

Hon Marapira said Government intends to see through its plan, and legislators as the new scheme was structured under careful research.

“By end of this year we would have done 5 000 boreholes and the distribution is very simple. We are doing two boreholes per ward throughout the country.”

In regards to the criteria they are using in drilling the boreholes in villages he said, “We are not choosing boreholes according to agrological natural regional confirmation but what we are doing is, we are going to provide boreholes to every village. These boreholes are village based boreholes. So every constituency where you are coming from, if it is not an urbanised constituency, you are going to have two boreholes per village by 2025.”

President Mnangagwa has said that boreholes are stop-gap measures to allow communities to have access to water, while more sustainable solutions are being finalized, like the expansion of dam infrastructure across the country which is currently ongoing.