Government starts distribution of Presidential inputs

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Mako Jerera


As the rain season is upon us, the Ministry of Agriculture through the Agriculture Technical Extension Services (Agritex) in Nkayi and Murehwa District have now started distributing farming inputs under the Presidential Climate Proofed farming (Pfumvudza/Intwasa) and the Presidential Livestock (Legume Pastures) programmes for 2021/22 season.


In a statement released today, Nkayi District Officers under the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that a beneficiary is getting 50kg compound D , 50kg top dressing, 10kg maize seed,2kg sorghum seed and 2kg sunflower seed.


“ In addition, the beneficiary is the one who has done 5 plots land preparation under Intwasa/Pfumvudza programme. In Nkayi North Constituency, in Gwelutshena which is Ward 4 they are collecting about 30 tonnes of the input and a launch of the dispatch of the Presidential inputs will take place some time this week. The Member of Parliament who is also the Minister of Women’s affairs Dr Sithembiso Nyoni will be present during the launch.”



Under Pfumvudza in Murehwa District, a total of 45 tonnes of maize seed have so far been received , with 33,68t having been delivered to 4718 beneficiaries in wards 1,2,3,4,10,11,15,25 and 27.


The district has also received 260,9 t of compound D and has all been distributed to 4718 beneficiaries in the above mentioned wards.


The district has also taken delivery of 9,018t of Sorghum seed and is yet to be distributed.


A total of 6800 by 200ml of Dermis have also been received , with a total of 2718 by 200ml having been distributed to 2718 beneficiaries in wards 1,2,11,25 and 27.


Under the Presidential Livestock- Legume Pasture programme, the district has so far taken delivery of 1400 by 5kgs velvet beans that are yet to be distributed, 1200 by 5kgs of lab lab that have been distributed to 200 beneficiaries and 2600 by 2.5kgs of Sun hem that have been distributed to 1721 beneficiaries.


A total of 220.4t of Compound D have also been received , with 38,75 having been distributed to 775 beneficiaries and 39,6t AN having also been delivered to the district under the Presidential Livestock programme.


Following extensive consultations with various stakeholders, including farmers’ unions, government approved an upward review of wheat floor producer price to ZW$55 517.69 per metric ton for ordinary grade wheat at a 15% return on investment, and ZW$66 621.22 per metric ton for premium grade wheat during the 2021 marketing season. This will enable farmers to go back into production.


Government is convinced that a viable producer price will incentivise farmers to deliver their crops to the Grain Marketing Board. The GMB has made adequate preparations for the 2021 wheat intake apart from decentralizing payment facilitates to all depots for the convenience of farmers.


These interventions will ensure attainment of food and nutritional security as part of the National Agriculture Policy Framework (2018-2030) towards the attainment of a Middle Income Economy (Vision 2030).