Government Intervenes on Harare Water Crisis

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Government Intervenes on Harare Water Crisis

By Yvonne Mutambwa

The government has vowed to immediate purchasing of a month’s supply of water treatment chemicals to relieve Harare City Council which has been ‘failing’ to secure supplies owing to cash flow challenges.

Boreholes, which are deep, narrow wells, are another part of the government’s plan to alleviate the water crisis. Drilling more of these sources of water is expected to provide some relief to Harare’s residents.

Harare has been facing immense water challenges with some suburbs going for months without precious liquid, a development that has forced residents to use unsafe sources for survival.

In a media briefing Agriculture minister Anxious Masuka said the available raw water in dams can supply the city for a period of 26.3 months only.

Masuka said the
government is going to improve the current treated water production capacity to 520 megalitres. He said the government is set to drill more boreholes in a bid to curb the crisis.

The right to safe, clean, and potable water is recognized in section 77 of Zimbabwe’s 2013 constitution. The government is obligated to take reasonable legislative and other measures within the limits of available resources to achieve the progressive realization of this right.