Government helps families of the Hauna 7

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Staff Writer

Government has offered funeral assistance to seven bereaved families who lost their relatives in a recent fatal accident in Hauna, Honde Valley on Sunday.

Seven people died, while 13 others were left battling for their lives after a haulage truck that was carrying bananas and people veered off the road on a steep slope.

Government has lent a helping hand, providing funeral assistance to the affected families.

Today, representatives delivered coffins and logistical support through transport from Doves.

Acting District Development Coordinator Caroline Mudawariwo handed over consumables to the families and consoled them.

Member of Parliament for Mutasa North Honourable Chido Madiwa said a sustainable solution is needed to ensure that farmers do not need to travel to sell their produce.

“There is need for the establishment of a ready banana market, so bananas can be sold here in Hauna. This will save farmers from the need to travel all the way to Harare to sell,” Hon Madiwa said.