Government gets tough with errant teachers

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Latest, Local News | 0 comments

Mako Jerera

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has suspended teachers who were absent from work this week for three months.

In a statement, MOPSE said the errant teachers will not be receiving pay during the period.
On Monday, schools opened for the new school year after being delayed by a month because of the country’s Covid-19 lockdown measures, however, teachers were being incited by activists to abscond duty.

Teachers are demanding an unrealistic salary of US$520 a month.
In response, Government offered a 20 percent pay increase, payment of part of the teachers’ salaries in U.S. dollars, and subsidies on the purchases of cars and houses.

Despite the improvement, some teachers have remained stoic and have refused to meet the Government halfway, leaving the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Evelyn Ndlovu to exert her authority.

In a statement, Minister Ndlovu said;

“All officials within the Ministry who absented themselves from duty since the official opening of schools on 7 February 2022 have been suspended without pay forthwith, for a period of three months.”

“During this period of suspension, members are not to hinder or interfere with any investigation or evidence relating to the alleged misconduct. Appropriate action will be taken against members who abrogate their duties and responsibilities,” added Minister Ndlovu.

Teachers strike prejudiced learners whose parents strived to provide fees within a short window.
Government has since denounced the strike as “unwarranted conduct” that is depriving children of their right to education.