Government further clarifies new Covid-19 regulations

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Pretty Manyewe

Government has released a Statutory Instrument (267 of 2021) putting into effect new regulations meant to manage the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

There have been renewed global fears over a new variant of concern known as Omicron which has been spreading rapidly in Europe.

The new precautionary measures state that everyone entering Zimbabwe from outside the country must quarantine for 10 days at own cost – this is regardless of whether or not they present a negative Covid-19 test.

β€œAt every port of entry all returning residents and visitors have to undergo PCR testing (notwithstanding that they present a PCR negative test from elsewhere), and those found to be negative will be quarantined at their own cost for ten days, while those who are found positive will be isolated in accordance with the provisions of the principal order.

A returning resident or visitor found to be negative for COVID-19 may self-quarantine at any premises cleared for the purpose in advance by an enforcement officer acting on the instructions of the Ministry for Health,” the Statutory Instrument read.

Due to lack of information on how the new Omicron virus affects, incubates and spreads those coming from outside the country will quarantine despite a negative PCR COVID-19 test.

Quarantine places have to be those only approved by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Children below five years will be exempt from PCR testing on arrival, while other exemptions may only be issued by the Ministry of Health and Child Care only.