Government continues to uphold promise to Binga

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Government continues to uphold promise to Binga

Hosia Mviringi

Binga, one of Zimbabwe’s least developed districts in the North-Western Province of Matebeleland North, continues to scale up the development ladder as government stays the course on developmental projects under the Second Republic.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been consistent in delivering life-changing projects to remote districts in the country under the mantra “leaving no one and no place behind.
This mantra and war cry by the Second Republic envisages inclusive growth for all the country’s districts in a non-discriminatory manner.
Speaking in a post-Cabinet press briefing in Harare yesterday, Acting Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Jenfan Muswere announced that all projects that are currently underway in Binga are progressing well and are at various stages of completion.
“The nation is informed that a lot of progress has been made on several initiatives to transform the lives of communities in Binga, in line with the mantra of leaving no one and no place behind,” said Minister Muswere.
Binga, a community of close to 200,000 people was established as a settlement of largely the Tonga speaking people who were relocated to pave way for the construction of Kariba Dam.
Development has been regrettably slow to come for the people of Binga over the years, culminating in President Emmerson Mnangagwa according the district special development focus.

In March this year, President Mnangagwa commissioned a borehole drilling rig which he committed to the Binga community until all places that need borehole water has been serviced.
The rig will first service all traditional leaders’ homesteads, and public institutions such as clinics, public halls, schools and service centres.
The President has granted access rights to Gwayi-Shangani Dam water, with two viable places having been identified so far for irrigation projects.
The people of Binga are expected to benefit immensely from the Dam water as it will completely transform food productivity in the district which lies in the semi-arid natural farming region 4.
Government has also secured land for the construction of a Vocational Training Centre which is expected to enroll and equip the children of Binga with life skills.
The centre, when completed is expected to bridge the educational gap between the children of Binga and the teat of the country.
State-owned telecommunications company Tel-One is fully on the ground, fighting from the front to ensure that the Binga community catches up in terms of mobile data connectivity.
The company has given preference to those schools with existing infrastructure such as electricity and computers, while the rest of the schools are electrified
The government is expediting the electrification of all schools in the district to ensure quality technology-based education for pupils.
Binga is expected to play host to the country’s newest School of Nursing, with designs for the School under development. This school is expected to produce quality local nurses who would then be employed by local clinical and hospital.

Government is also constructing 16 houses for families who were displaced by floods, while the remainder will be built by the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities.
To ensure that no one is left behind, the Registrar-General’s Office has dispatched six teams which are on a relentless registration blitz meant to ensure that every citizen has access to civil document.