Government Continues To Promote Zhove Dam Fisheries Project

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Government Continues To Promote Zhove Dam Fisheries Project


By Yvonne Mutambwa


The special advisor go the President in the Monitoring and Evaluation Department , Honourable Joram. Mcdonald Gumbo visited Zhove Dam in ward 14 of Beitbridge to assess project on the fisheries project.


The project commenced in September 2023 in partnership between Toppic Investments and the Government of Zimbabwe.


A major fishery is now being implemented at the Zhovhe Dam, about 70km west of Beitbridge town, as the centre for production of fish fingerlings for farming in fish ponds by over 16 000 Zimbabweans across four provinces.


The project is expected to promote rural development and boost food and nutrition security.


In a bid to promote the ongoing fisheries project, Government provided 2000 fingerlings for breeding and distribution to the entire Mat South, Midlands, Mat North and Masvingo provinces respectively.


Toppic Investments has provided fish ponds, hatchery facilities, labour and equipment for fish production.


Government is making effective use of water bodies across the country to boost incomes, food production and boost the people’s nutrition. The fish projects are running concurrently with irrigation development and horticulture.


Meanwhile, four ponds have been stocked with 500 fish at the ratio of 1 male fish as to three female ones.


However, Government provides technical support and trainings for potential fish production.